Horseplay (©1987, 1989, 2011)

Horseplay is a board game I developed in the 80’s with the intention of turning it into magazine puzzles, computer games and even a television game show. It is a blend of Scrabble®, chess, draughts and even far older games like Chaturanga, an Indian version of chess for four players.

As an interesting aside, chess is said to have been invented by Wu-Wang of the Chou Dynasty, 1122 B.C. In China is was the "Elephant Game" and it travelled via Korea to Japan to in turn become Shogi, "The Generals’ Game". However, it goes far further back than that as excavations in Egypt have traces of a version of chess dating to back thousands of years B.C., though some of the relics proved to be from Senet, a board-game akin to draughts.

Anyway, I’ve decided to put it on the Net and see if it generates any interest. If not, maybe one day I’ll code it into a web game myself, xbox live perhaps, or, like as not, a phone app.!

Bear in mind I’m copying all this up from something I did back in 1987…

Horseplay Board game:

History and ‘future’ plans:

Horseplay computer game (early notes)

  • To come, in development, perhaps.

Horseplay game show idea (early notes)

  • (To be found and typed up)

Horseplay based puzzles

  • (To be found and typed up)

Equestrian game (draft)

  • (To be found and typed up)

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