Technical drawings for Horseplay’s prototype

« Technical drawings for Horseplay »

Here are some of the technical drawings for the game, prepared by illustrator and cartoonist Jayel (John Lucas).

  • Isometric projection of the letter and counter token tiles

    Horseplay tile design

  • Perspective view of a design for the horse player piece

    Horseplay horse token design

  • Isometric view of the tile rack

    Horseplay tile rack

  • Isometric view of the game board

    Horseplay board

  • Isometric view of the games’ box

    Horseplay box

  • Isometric view of the box base frame for Horseplay

    Horseplay base frame

  • Exploded isometric view of the Horseplay box

    Horseplay exploded box

  • Horseplay logo design

    Horseplay logo

  • Rustling logo design

    Horseplay Rustling logo

  • Equestrian logo design

    Horseplay Equestrian logo

  • Draught idea for Equestrian counter tiles

    Horseplay Equestrian tile designs


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