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Ackadia is smartphone and tablet friendly. Check with your mobile or with Google webmaster tools.

Updated March 2018 :
Moved from a dedicated server to a managed wordpress hosting. Does limit my options a little in turns of theme design, but I can work with this. Still prefer flat the old school hard coding and ftp style of web development, but the world moves all. At least the themes are out of the box responsive and mobile friendly, but backing up, and restoring/repairing when yuo move hosts is a complete pain.

Updated April 2015 :
Moved over to WordPress now but it’s server heavy and a security nightmare, not to mention the hassles of backups and archiving. Needs must I guess but I prefer flat codings!

Caveat first!

As I am currently (Nov 2013) in the process of moving Ackadia over from hand-coded strict xHTML .php pages to WordPress framework I am constrained a little by developers. That said, I am using mobile responsive HTML5 designs* and testing as I go. *(The one I currently have isn’t HTML5 – yet – but should be soon). All the statements below were valid at the time and I will endeavour to adhere to my own quality policy. As such, as far as possible, Ackadia should work well on any browser – and any form of device from the smallest mobile phone to widescreen smart TV’s.

If it doesn’t, please let me know via the contact page and, as Picard would ask, I’ll Make it so.

Note, however, I will no longer attempt to validate for all older browsers because, frankly, you shouldn’t be using one – to keep secure you should be using the latest version yourself, fully patched and preferably then hiding behind your Internet security software.

Standards tested and viewable With Any Browser (from 2006:)

Ackadia should work at nearly all resolutions, though it is really optimised, visually, for 1024×768 or above. Also, though there’s little difference across all the browsers, I think Firefox renders it best.

This site has been tested successfully on multiple platforms and browsers, including text-based ones like Lynx, although very old ones like Netscape 4x may have problems due to their limited CSS support.

I have also used Vischeck’s colour blindness simulation and other resources so that Ackadia will hopefully be equally useful and enjoyable for all our colour blind visitors. [ Read my article on colour blindness and web design ]

I am continuing to work to make Ackadia comply to the W3C WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative) and WCAG 1.0 and to U.S. Section 508 Guidelines.

By validating and rating Ackadia I am working to make this site accessible to all. I am also looking at support for Internet phones, text to speech and related technologies. If you are in these fields, drop me a line.

Childsafe logo - ICCS Kids approved and certified website

iWatchdog logo - shows bulldog with arms folded over ICCS

Internet Content Rating Association rating logo

Safesurf rated logo

(Of the four above, only Safesurf remain, the first two now going to a toy site, the third ceased, as such.)

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