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Full disclosure first!

Ackadia used to be quite popular. It had up to 100,000 unique visitors a month, a Google page rank of 7 and an Alexa rank of around 50,000 or better. That was many years ago though and various health issues resulted in the site plummeting to obscurity as work here slowed and eventually ceased. That said, it has still been here for over 15 years and I’m starting to rebuilt the place again, albeit slowly.

I’m sure if you are using due diligence you’ll validate the ranking independently, but at present, especially as I have ripped out thousands of pages to work on them, the traffic and demographics are unreliable and frankly dismal. This though should improve and solidify in time.

As at January 2015 we have:

A Google page rank of 3
A Moz rank of 35
An Alexa score of 2,329,475
and get around 100 page view a day (Jetpack stats)
(Jetpack annual report 2014)
Certainly over 2,000 uniques a month, based on my Quantcast logsFrom Analog Stats server logs :

Figures in parentheses refer to the 7-day period ending Jan 26 2015 at 6:15 AM.

Successful requests: 7,856,599 (55,509)
Average successful requests per day: 8,100 (7,929)
Successful requests for pages: 1,119,034 (17,002)
Average successful requests for pages per day: 1,153 (2,428)

Ackadia Analog Stats May 2012 to Jan 2015

Ackadia Webalizer stats Feb 2014 to Jan 2015

Please note that I will disclose any sponsored links, posts and advertorials as such and apply Google’s rel=”nofollow” ruling to paid links.

Why is this?

A few reasons really. Firstly because I only write about things that interest me (or bug me!) and that I think may equally interest visitors here. However, paid links and adverts allow a bias to creep in, or at least the question of it, thus I want to be clear.

Secondly, even for a small web site like this, advertising is covered by laws and rulings from the governments and bodies such as the FTC and the ASA.

Then there is Google…

Personally I think Google are hypocrites*, however they are the ones with the near monopoly and have decreed that webmasters follow their rules or face their wrath and risk getting *blacklisted!

*(As evidenced when Interflora et al tried their luck and Google blew a gasket. No desire for them to flex my way, thank you!)

*For instance, if [Such&Such Inc] pay me for a banner without a ‘nofollow’ Google can remove all trace of me from their databases, if they so wished. However, if [Such&Such Inc] pay Google to generate the same banner in the same spot on my site, that’s fine. Double standards, hmm.

So, bearing all the above in mind, these are the advertising rates for sponsored posts and links :

Single text link : £5 per month (£50 per year)

125×125 ad : £10 per month (£100 per year)

300×250 ad : £40 per month (£400 per year)

300×600 vertical banner : £80 per month (£800 per year)

Permanent infomercial post (image, such as this) : £25

Permanent* advertorial post (you supply *fresh copy) : £50
*(N.B: Permanence conditional on it being unique to this site, not copied verbatim to a score of others!)

Permanent advertorial post (I research and copywrite) : From £100


Sizes and positioning above are based on and assume a regular monitor, with a resolution around 1600×1200, sizes and position will, of course, move and scale down accordingly with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.

Adverts will be placed above the fold, in the right-hand column and, depending on looks and fit, will be limited to around a maximum of 900 pixels, ideally only 600 pixels deep, total. If in doubt, ask. As a rule of thumb guide, I don’t like clutter, nor should you. Payment is in advance by Paypal, cleared cheque or Amazon vouchers.

Advertising with Ackadia


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