Grammar Police: A force for good, or ill?


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  1. Kiwi-ian says:

    Thank you for admitting that while you don’t actually correct everybody’s errors, you still feel uncomfortable.

    And for pointing out that the majority of writers making “grammar nazi” accusations are too arrogant to simply concede that they did actually goof and made a mistake. BTW, I began a sentence with a conjunction, but this is a style, not grammar, issue.

    And (there I go again) for pointing out that laziness and negligence, rather than lack of knowledge, is the major cause of errors, simply not re-reading the text.

    I wonder how many negative comments constitute “grammar nazis gone mad”? One? Two? I’ve never seen a text where there are more than a few so why the ultra-sensitivity? Super sensitive snowflakes?

    Finally, I’m sorry but if there are grammar errors in a text it DOES detract from it. If I, as a reader, have to spend time rereading something because it wasn’t clear, then it is bad writing. Simple.

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