Your a monster!

Remainer troll rants: “Your an uneducated monster!”

You have to laugh when someone is trolling on Facebook, in a general sneer at anyone that voted ‘leave’ in the referendum, calls another person (not me) uneducated and then, after a barely coherent, punctuation free rant, tells them, “Your a monster”.

Some remainers just can’t help themselves sometimes. (See screen grab below). This particular character was trolling The Brexit Party group on Facebook. His comments were removed shortly after. Before I replied, I might add.


Just pointing out…

“James Howard Says a brexiteer who is uneducated and shouts the same echo chamber and doesn’t have a thing in common with her other brexiteers plan wise who’s uneducated now Christine you snowflake brexiteer moron don’t insult remainers if you don’t like it back you racist scumbag

Your a monster darling deal with it

Let us begin at the beginning, shall we.

1. The remainer’s claim to intellect:
“Says a brexiteer who is uneducated…”

2. “and shouts the same echo chamber”
“and shouts in the same echo chamber” You missed the preposition. (‘at’ could have worked too, but ‘in’ makes more sense).

3. “other brexiteers”
It is a proper noun, therefore it is ‘Brexiteers’, not ‘brexiteers’.

4. “doesn’t have a thing in common with her other brexiteers plan wise”
That makes no sense at all, plus you were too ignorant to capitalise the proper noun, again, and missed the end period. What I think you meant to say was:
“doesn’t have a thing in common with her other Brexiteers, plan wise.”

5. “who’s uneducated now Christine you snowflake brexiteer moron”
*Sighs* So many errors.
Here, let me help you, seeing as you are clearly struggling with basic English grammar and punctuation.
“Who’s uneducated now, Christine, you snowflake Brexiteer moron.” Also, given how poor your written English is, you really ought not to be casting the ‘moron’ label about.

Additionally, besides being crude, as a psychology term, ‘moron’ went out of vogue over half a century ago. The term you are implying – also rarely used any more – is the APA’s EMR: “educable mentally retarded“. The current label is ‘intellectually disabled’, and it is assessed by a properly trained clinical psychologist, not by some troll on Facebook, much less one that can barely string a cohesive sentence together themselves!

6. “don’t insult remainers if you don’t like it back you racist scumbag”
Once more to the breech, dear friends:
“Don’t insult remainers if you don’t like it back, you racist scumbag.”
(You also lost all credibility by throwing in ‘racist scumbag’ to a person you know absolutely nothing about, thus emphasing your own ignorance even more).

7. “Your a monster darling deal with it” *Rolls eyes* Your vs you’re…
“You’re a monster darling, deal with it.” I also added the comma and period that you missed.

What was the start of his rant again? Ah yes, “Says a brexiteer who is uneducated”


As a note I’m not generally a “grammar nazi”, but this ever so educated remainer practically asked for it! For polite consideration of reactions to grammar, I suggest this article: Grammar police: a force for good, or ill?”

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