Book review: The Silent Blade

R.A. Salvatore Forgotten Realms : The Silent Blade
(Originally) Published by TSR (ISBN 0-7869-1388-6)

Yet another foray by the heroes Drizzt, Wulgar, Cattie-bBrie, Regis and Bruenor in the continuing saga of the sentient crystal Crenshinibon. This books waxes philosophical as they travel to have the evil destroyed and Wulgars twisted mind conjures up personal demons and affects moral all around due to his bottled rage and inner turmoil after ten years on torture in the Abyss.

Hardly the best of the Forgotten Realms books, but I enjoyed it all the same. My only regret is that the company that took over TSR (Wizards of the Coast, now owned by Hasbro) continue to largely avoid the UK and indeed Europe as a whole. A decade ago you could walk into any bookshop, even Woolworth or WH Smith and pick up a copy Dragonlance or Forgotten Realms Novel. Now? Even specialist games stores and TSR stockists like Forbidden Planet have a pathetically small range available. *SIGH*

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