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Could One Factor Explain All of These Psychological Disorders?

A recent article on psychology asked whether ‘One Factor Explain All of These Psychological Disorders?’ And proceeded to argue it was compelling. I would completely disagree and believe it’s a case of an academic had an idea and went out to find evidence that fitted nicely into the box he’d made.

GCHQ play ‘I spy’ with dyslexics

GCHQ and dyslexia A recent post in the Guardian claimed, People with dyslexia have skills that we need, says GCHQ, adding, the “UK surveillance agency says it has long valued neuro-diverse analysts – including Alan Turing.” Setting aside – for now – the suspicion that GCHQ and its predecessors had Alan Turing murdered for his …

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Forensic Psychology and Mindfulness

This post: circa 2,200 words, estimated reading time: 11 minutes. (Full content, inc. references, 4,000 words, 20 minutes. Forensic Psychology and Mindfulness Mindfulness Case presentation for Sophie   (Note. This was for a Y3 university assessment. Sophie is a representation, not a real person.)   Sophie is a young, unmarried mother, aged 31, currently serving …

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Psychology post

Intersectionality and criminality

This post: circa 1,600 words, estimated reading time: 8 minutes. (Full content, inc. references, 3,300 words, 16 minutes. Intersectionality and criminality; profiling Yusuf.   (Note. This was for a Y3 university assessment. Yusuf (and his family) is a representation, not a real person.)   This essay considers the meaning and extent of intersectionality, its relationship …

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Can you hear me, Doctor?

Well, it seems Aunty Beeb has upset a lot of people with the most recent episode of Dr Who, the one entitled ‘Can you hear me’. The thin plot dodges (well lumbers) around mental health concerns and Gods that feed on fear. (Let’s skip the theology part, ‘cos, yer…) The Metro’s title – ‘BBC responds …

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The most dangerous word in the world

I was scrolling through Facebook, like you do, and ran into Clive. Don’t be like Clive. The post in question, entitled ‘Why This Word Is So Dangerous to Say or Hear‘, was by Psychology Today and detailed research – using an fMRI – on the cognitive effect of negativity. It happens to be one of …

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Smacking and the Law

This post: circa 1,400 words, estimated reading time: 7 minutes Criminalising a smack on the leg The Telegraph and others are currently covering Scotland’s proposed law to make smacking your child a criminal offence. e.g. I smacked my four-year-old – does that make me a criminal? People that make these laws are, IMO, pretty clueless. …

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Childhood programming

This post: circa 4,500 words, estimated reading time: 22 minutes Childhood lessons: bad code A recent inspirational quote on Tiny Buddha, on Facebook, began: “You are not responsible for the programming you received in childhood”. Adding: “But as an adult, you are 100% responsible for fixing it.” My reply, shared below, was that it is …

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