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Sir, or ma’am, of course. Or any other appellation you may subscribe too, for that matter.

First the good news:
I am considering offering to do web sites again, for a reasonable, possibly even near cost price. Huzzah!

Now the bad news:
I’m not a big fan of the curious idea that ‘the customer is always right’. Ooops!
In my experience, across several fields, the customer is generally… let’s be generous here and say ‘misinformed’, and occasionally is trying to pull a fast one.

I am long since done with people coming to me for help and advice and then ignoring it completely. Then coming back and saying, "I should have listened to you, I’ve made a mistake, can you help." You may note the lack of a question mark in that last sentence. That too is annoying. They waste my time and then, because I’ve helped them in the past, for free, expect me to fix a mess they made by penny-pinching elsewhere. Help them for free again, of course. Asking for an expert’s help, then ignoring it because you think you know better is silly. I get inordinately grumpy when people do that. Do not be that person.

See also Questions you may have (hosted on ackadia.co.uk)

Full disclosure: it is what is it

I will be doing this to cover the relatively modest cost of running Ackadia. I am not doing it to make money, not doing it to cover wages (mine or anyone else’s); if avoidable, I have no desire to start another business, nor a charity. Whether you consider this as ‘pin money’ or a non-taxable donation is up to you. I am only taking a small number of commissions, with preference given to animal and nature-related charities, and to start-ups that understand the importance of a professional web site.

Set-up fees will be upfront, none refundable; take it or leave it. On the plus side, for near cost, you get a web presence in your budget range, at a standard that might otherwise cost you thousands of pounds.

Can I offer you a website, developed, with a year’s hosting, for as little as £6 a year? Why, yes, I can, but that ain’t going to happen, much. It’s slow and annoying to work with at that end of the market, and that would be zero profit to boot. I don’t have the time, nor the inclination. I may however offer cheap and ‘churned out’ no-frills sites for £60 a year which, let’s be honest, is less than you’d pay a plumber to change the washer on a tap!

Can I offer you a fast, secure website, developed, with a year’s hosting, for as little as £600 a year? Well, for the first few takers, certainly. Substantial discounts will be available for charities. I get economies of scale for Ackadia, you get my help, effectively for free in some cases.

Note that I am a developer, and a grammarian, but not a graphic designer, as such. This means I can take your content, your artwork, find a theme (design) that suites your needs and make it shine. If you need graphics or images I can probably find them for you, also quite probably for free, unless you want custom artwork, in which case I can point you to people. What I cannot do is draw worth a damn. I’m a coder, not an artist.

Still interested?

Read on.

Web design

If you are still reading, and are not doing this yourself, I can assume you are interested, accept I know what I am on about, and that I can do a better job than you or anyone else you know. (Unless you are also a web developer, checking this out, of course. No hubris here, no Sir!)

Development is negotiable, price is not.

At the lowest*, it will be £60 per year, in advance, non-refundable, or from £60 a month. There are completely optional extras, but there are no hidden costs. Magnate class designs will be of a standard equal to or better than this site.

For this you can get a secure, padlocked site, set up with my host of choice: WP Engine. If you don’t already have a domain name I’ll sort that too. Makes my life easier, so – unless it’s a premium address – it will be included in the price.

If you have an existing site that needs migration (moving across) I can help with that too. I can also set up caching via Cloudflare, also free, but with premium options. Ditto extras like Jetpack. Extra layers of security with enhancements like WAF, GeoTargetting, and or eCommerce again would be examples of premium extras, but will be still at cost price, or even included in some options.

Layout, menus, pages, posts, forms, landing pages, response, mobile-ready pages, maintenance and support are all included in the price, within reason. If you want 12 pages a year, I’m OK with that. If you want 12 pages a day, find someone else, I’m too busy, and you can’t afford me!

Need to know more? Look for our price guide. You know where the Contact page is.

Oh yes, also, this

From the other Ackadia (ackadia.co.uk), which at present I don’t really use or push:



What I am about

This site will offer brutally honest and unashamedly biased advice, support, and more, as regards web development and related topics.


What I offer

Services will include reviews and recommendations, hand-holding, and hands-off web solutions.



Want your site reviewing, proofreading, etc., not a problem. I can offer a ‘wrapped in cottonwool’ heuristic evaluation, or I can tell you the truth, bluntly. I prefer the latter!


All in web development (caveats apply*)

This is the “I don’t know, and I don’t want to know, get on with it” version.

I’m perfectly comfortable with that. If you have something to begin with, like a flyer, business card or, hopefully, a vague idea, we can go with that.

What you do get:

Cheap and cheerful but with all the essentials: hosting (of course), email (if you need it), page creation**, etc., proof-reading, forms, help with social media, search engine optimisation, accessibility issues, responsiveness, etc. Basically everything you need for a standard business promotional website.

What you do NOT get, or comes at a premium:

* If you want all sorts of extras like custom themes, specific commercial fonts, bespoke images, custom graphics or logos, Paypal and card facilities and eCommerce, or basically anything I have to shell out for, start adding to the price.

As a guide, I might start around £400 a year for the basics, but if you want to look like ‘Next’, it will be several thousand, a year, up front, and while I can do it, maybe I’m not the best choice.

** Additionally, I’m good, exceptionally intelligent, and have experience across multiple industries – but I am not omniscient, I cannot be expected to know your business or specialist subject as well as you. I can polish what you give me but I’m not inclined to research and write it for you. I’d have to charge accordingly.


Hands-off web development (caveats still apply*)

Depending on you, this is either the “this ain’t my first rodeo” version, or, at worst, “I want to learn, I’ll try not to break it” version.

What you do get:

Cheap and cheerful, but with all the essentials: hosting (of course), email (if you need it), etc.
After that, you are on your own. You pick the themes, plug-ins, and so forth.

What you do NOT get, or comes at a premium:

Same deal, different day: if you want premium plugins or themes etc, it’s up to you.
Also, official WordPress sources only, please, malware makes me cranky!

OR, if you are a registered UK charity I support, or would support:

Time and interest allowing, all the above still applies, but you might get it at cost, especially if you are an animal charity.

So, I could develop and host sites similar to (but better than) Tiggywinkles (hedgehogs) and Pool of Life (breast cancer) for as little as £6 to £12 a year as a one-off, or for a little over £150 for a high-end server, with more interest***.
(Those two sites have flaws and could be improved!)

***Economies of scale and subject to interest. So, as per WP Engine plans, if I increase my plan to allow for more sites, I can bring the cost per site down.

(Feature image is by Werner Moser from Pixabay)


Been playing with computers since the stone age, online since the '80s, and developing websites since the '90s.

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