Book review: Javascript programming

Javascript Made Simple by Peter McBride

Published by Made Simple Books,
An imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann

(ISBN 0-7506-3797-8)

Walks you through fifty odd pages of HTML before it gets anywhere near Javascript. If you are delving into Javascript I would hope you have a firm grasp of web editing first myself, but there you go. Grumble done with, it’s not that bad actually. I’ve not the time at the minute to master Javascript, but in the future I will come back to this as it is easy to digest.

Javascript Programming for Absolute Beginners by Andy Harris
Published by [ ] Prima Tech, a division of Prima Publishing
(ISBN 0-7615-3410-5)

I’m a funny beggar, I guess. I don’t like it and am unlikely to plough through it.

"It’s tedious then?"
"Too complex for beginners, that’s it, isn’t it!"

They use a font called, or similar to OCR. Might be fine for the odd cheque or even as a headline font, but to put all the source code examples in it…

Wipes his watering eyes and sticks it back on the shelf, largely unread.

Visual Start Guide : Javascript for the World Wide Web (4thed)
by Tom Negrino and Dori Smith
Publish by Peachpit Press (ISBN 0-201-73517-2)

Despite claiming you’ll be up and running in no time I am inclined to think you need a basic introduction to Javascript first. Assuming you have familiarised yourself with the ‘Hello World!’ of JS (which it does starts with), it does go on to be rather useful.

As for the appendices, anyone using Javascript wants this tome handy just for the back pages! Covers Genealogy (which object work with which browsers), reserved words, full CSS references and the ubiquitous links section. What can I say, look it over. If you like the format get it, else the search continues.

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