Mostly personal experience, but covers a range of personal and academic interests, including psychology and mental health issues, neural disorders, and renal failure / kidney disease

Covid-19, a random hypothesis

CAVEATS FIRST: I am not a doctor, or a virologist, or any other sort of ‘gist. (Yet, anyway). So, this is most definitely not an “expert opinion”. However, a growing body of research is supporting my ‘gut feeling’. (See addenda 5, later). You could also fairly argue, given the lack of medical training, that it’s …

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What are you hiding, Corona?

In a recent article on Mashable, entitled Entitled billionaire Elon Musk thinks coronavirus panic is ‘dumb’, writer Jack Morse began his post with a hysterical warning that The world stands transfixed by possible disaster. You’re wrong, Jack Morse of Mashable, Elan Musk is right, get over yourself! The whole coronavirus “panic” is manufactured. Verging on …

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The steady decline of the NHS

Intro While this article is a reflection of recent experiences of the NHS, it is far from being a rose-tinted, Pollyanna type rant about how much better things were in the ‘good old days’.     For instance, in the 60’s (at least in Whiston hospital) is was routine and accepted(!) that nurses could and …

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Kidney failure u/e charts, 2006

Graphs and charts for blood pressure, potassium and creatinine, 2006 These charts are mostly of interest to doctors and medical students Morning blood pressure chart, 2006: Blood pressure was very high until the Royale put me on amlodopine and got to treating the underlying cause of the kidney failure. Evening blood pressure chart, 2006: As …

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Breast cancer: I'm not that brave

My wife, who has just finished her own chemo and radiotherapy for breast cancer, shared this unattributed poem on her timeline on Facebook. The original was posted earlier today on the Young Breast Cancer Network and I’ve cheekily lifted it to copy here. Obviously I can’t wholly related to everything the writer felt, nor to …

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Blood pressure facts, and the relationship between BP and headaches

NOTE: I am not a doctor, nor do I have any medical training. This is based on my own research using largely authorative articles and papers (e.g. the NHS), and personal experience in the form of altogether too many health issues and way too much time in hospital. Apparently if you have high blood pressure …

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Checking your heart age

Heart attack waiting!? Observations about a Telegraph article and NHS test for checking your heart age, based on lifestyle choices. Smoking and obesity factor high. I just read an interesting, if a tad morbid, article in the Telegraph about an NHS calculator that predicts when you will have a heart attack! Curious to note their …

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