Random Thoughts of Sheila White

The works and random thoughts of Sheila White. My nanna, Sheila White, was quite an accomplished lady in her own way, yet all that remains are fading memories, and as the days pass into years, into decades, more and more are lost, forever. These poems have sat forgotten on my hard drive for the past […]

Sheila White : Lament for Childhood

Lament for Childhood Sweet mystery of life, you are no more, You did not enthral, as in the days of yore. But Modern World, this I cannot pardon, You crushed the mystery in Kindergarten. Children’s minds were never meant to cope With mystery of such tremendous scope. How would Modern World be so unkind, As […]

Sheila White : The 1985 Man

The 1985 Man Technology strides on ahead, But man is dropping behind. His social graces will soon be Of Neanderthal mankind. Chivalry is a redundant word, Gentle manners are taboo, From the steam and swamp of the jungle, Modern man takes his cue. Jaws of the predator open wide, To swallow each victim whole, Thus […]

The trials of keeping a web site up

This is something for you to think about when you see a web site offered for free or something ridiculous like £1.99 a year including e-commerce. Stuff economies of scale, costs have to be covered. You can do sites for free (or at least at cost), I certainly do for friends, but you have to […]