The Definitive 5 Factor Personality Test

The Definitive 5 Factor Personality Test I got Very Conscientious: You are a type A personality who is diligent, responsible and organized! You have a totally open mind and love engaging in new activities on exploring new adventures in life. You are a friendly, warm and generous person who takes joy in giving and getting […]

Top 100 funny insurance claims

Humourous insurance claims, especially motor ones, were made famous by comedian Jasper Carrott when he introduced them to his acts in the 1980’s. What’s especially funny is that they were all apparently true. I would imagine there’s far more around than the hundred or so I’ve managed to collate. (Reposted from 7-feb-2014) . I’ve embed […]

What Emotion Is Your Subconscious Hiding?

Reveal your hidden, subconscious emotion by choosing the Tarot cards that catch your attention and speak to your soul I’m suppressing profound joy? Really? I think the ethers got confuddled and gave me someone else’s reading! Just as well it’s just a big of fun, eh. See if yours is closer to the mark. *(Confuddled: […]

The relationship between blood pressure and headaches

Apparently if you have high blood pressure you actually get LESS headaches, not more! In fact you could suffer from up to 50% less according to (The myth of symptomatic headaches), though they fail to link the specific article in Neurology. It’s not all good news though as some researchers have suggested this is […]

What Kind Of Geek Are You?

Some of the questions are silly for my generation and strangely assume geeks are young. Curiously and hopelessy wrong. Computers didn’t exist in my youth, let alone Harry Potter, instead we had Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, Enid Blyton’s Famous Five and books like Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazon – computers were replaced with newting, […]