Book review: Don't Make Me Think!

DON’T MAKE ME THINK. A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability”
by   Steve Krug
Published by Que Publishing. (ISBN 0-7897-2310-7)

This is a no-nonsense approach to web design and makes for very easy reading. Happily a number of his principles I already apply and the rest, well a number of them will be worked into this site with this revision.
It’s not about the usual verbiage like three clicks and your out, but more akin to sage advice to the effect, would you *as a user* surf a web site that did…

Krug’s cleverly worded advice explains that no matter how creative you (the design team) want to be, no matter how tempting you (the sales director) make the offers, the crunch test is the 250,000,000 potential viewers that have there own agendas, perspectives and tolerances. If you aren’t making it easy for them, forget it.

Examples are as ‘obvious’ as changing Enter Keyword [ ][ ] to   Search [ ] for [ ]
The simple things that all make the difference, eh.

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