Book review: HTML for the World Wide Web

Visual Start Guide : HTML for the World Wide Web (4th ed)
by Elizabeth Castro
Publish by Peachpit Press (ISBN 0-201-35493-4)

If you want to get to grips with HTML then this is an excellent starting point. After a brief and interesting intro it gradually takes you from the “Hello World!” stage to forms, using cascading style sheets, and beyond. It even covers promoting your site. I liked the section on hiding selective dividers on tables using <table border=1 rules=area>, which was a new one on me. A quick look in the appendices tells me that this is ratified under the HTML4 standard and should work with almost all browsers.

Overall, I can heartily recommend this book to anyone interested in writing their own web sites.


Been playing with computers since the stone age, online since the '80s, and developing websites since the '90s.

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