Book review: Warhammer – Lords of Valour

Warhammer : Lords of Valour
(Edited by Marc Gascoigne & Christian Dunn)
Published by Black Library Publications   (ISBN 1-84154-150-8)

I used to play the Warhammer RPG so naturally I gravitate towards than novels based on the Games Workshop game. Most of the books in the collection are quite good, but I’m in two minds about this collection of short stories. Some are good, others, rather less so as they seem to borrow heavy on Arthurian legend, which I don’t recall as being in evidence before. One of the acid tests I have of deciding how good a book is whether or not I can read it when my children are being boisterous. I ended up finishing this at 3am in the morning because I couldn’t concentrate on some of the stories.

Yes, it was OK, but there are far better books than this to spend your money on.

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