The EU and May’s deal is a punch in the face for us!

Ever since Thatcher the EU has been turning the thumbscrews on the UK.

They probably thought they’d struck a gold mine when they landed Tony Blair, who – even without being asked – give them all they wanted and more. They probably touch themselves at night when they think of having landed Mrs May as well! O.o

Since the time of Cameron who, like some bereft supplicant, left empty-handed after crawling on hands and knees for the smallest of scraps, it became obvious that the EU knew they were the overlords and would broke no dissent.

Even before – and GLARINGLY after – the referendum, the EU made it openly and abundantly clear that we WOULD be “punished” for our “dissent” and that “an example needed to be made of us”.

There was no doubt – in anyone’s mind, not voters, not MPs, not the other 27, and certainly not the EU – that there could be no deal that left us in a better place.

We had – and still have – all the cards. The issue is we have over 400 ‘players’ in the HoC that are working for the ‘house’ and show and fold at the slightest sniff of a gravy boat.

The EU is – rightly in my opinion – often characterised as being like the Mafia, but I’ll offer this memory:

When I was a kid, back in the 70’s, I met an older woman in the Liverpool Dental Hospital. She was also there for re-constructive work, in her case she’d been mugged. Stood at a bus-stop, on a busy main street, at tea-time, she was counting out pennies for the bus. She had, she said, 37 pence. So some scruffy git at the side of her picked up a house brick, smashed her in the face, shattered her teeth, and walked off with it. He could have just snatched it and ran, or simply pushed her over and ran with it, but no.

37 pence. That, back in the 70’s, long before every town and village was riddled with junkies and drug addicts.

Now look at the money peddled by the EU. Over £100,000,000,000 a year, most of it from just Germany, France and the UK. The other 24 countries NEED that money. That £39 billion on the table. Even with it Germany is facing bankruptcy. Without it…

That is the deck of cards we hold. Over 100 billion times the reason the thug had.

If we surrender now, we will be spitting teeth for generations to come!

[Feature image from Pixabay]

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