Introduction Horseplay (©1987, 1989, 2011) Horseplay is a board game I developed in the 80’s with the intention of turning it into magazine puzzles, computer games and even a television game show. It is a blend of Scrabble®, chess, draughts and even far older games like Chaturanga, an Indian version of chess for four players. …

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Horseplay's Accumulator rules

« Rules for Horseplay’s Accumulator » Introduction Accumulator is played the same way as Horseplay, except the letter tiles are revered to display numbers and mathmatical signs, and that the scoring system differs. Accumulator game format and scoring system A randomly picked number is the target. On the smaller, 9×9 grid board this should be …

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Horseplay's components

« Horseplay’s components » Horseplay components: 100 Letter / number tiles  60 counters in four colours (15 of each in red, blue, green and black)    4 horse pieces    4 tile racks    1 board    1 set of rules « « Horseplay intro and menu index .

Horseplay's numeric distribution

« Number & Sign distribution » Number – Quantity 1 7 2 7 3 7 4 7 5 7 6 7 7 7 8 7 9 7 104 Quantity – Sign 4 (÷) division 7 (-) subtraction 11(+) addition 11(x) multiplication « « Horseplay intro and menu index .

Horseplay as a computer game

« Developing Horseplay as a computer game » (Bear in mind this was written back in 1989!) Should Horseplay prove to be a long standing success then we shall look at contacting a programmer or development house to prepare a computer game based on one or more facets of the Horseplay compendium. If necessary/financially viable …

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Horseplay – avenues pursuing

« Avenues being pursued » Numerous games companies have been approached with requests for helpful advice. All refused "to help the competition". The Toy & Hobby Association seems to be ignorant of the industry. With the exception of Steve Nichols at Aztral Games, the nearest offer to give helpful advice came from a London-based agency …

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Horseplay – product avenues tried

« Marketing avenues tried » Markets considered: All the major and many of the smaller established games companies have been approached with the view to selling them the UK rights (on a royalties basis). So far all have declined. Whilst few detailed reasons were given, these included: They do not actually make board games as …

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