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Accumulator is played the same way as Horseplay, except the letter tiles are revered to display numbers and mathmatical signs, and that the scoring system differs.

Accumulator game format and scoring system

A randomly picked number is the target.

On the smaller, 9×9 grid board this should be between 50 and 100.

On the opposite, 11×11 board the number needs to be between 100 and 200.

Any difference between the target number and the sum that the player forms is added to his or her score. If a player cannot finish on a Stable, the target number is added to their score. The player with the lowest score or an exact match is the winner.

Like it’s letter counterpart, this is a fast game, typically ten minutes, so it suits cumulative games when the scores are added up. Again, the aim is to have the lowest score at the end of the number matches.

In forming sums, brackets may be assumed to be present. e.g.:

9 x 8 = 72

(3 + 6) x (2 x 4) =
9 x 8 = 72

((5 x 5) x 3) – (7 – 4) =
(25 x 3) – 3 =
75 – 3 = 72

It’s not as hard as it looks, the rule just allows any combination you can think of with the tiles you have.


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