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(Bear in mind this was written back in 1989!)

Should Horseplay prove to be a long standing success then we shall look at contacting a programmer or development house to prepare a computer game based on one or more facets of the Horseplay compendium. If necessary/financially viable then more than one programme may be commissioned.


  1. Which computers to cater for?
    Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore are favoured as these have the largest market share. Also IBM as few games appear for the PC platform, giving less competition.

  2. Which game(s)?
    Horseplay, Accumulator, Rustling, the Rodeo Run and Equestrian.

  3. Problems to consider:
    1. Complexity of programme
    2. Memory available on tape/disc drive
    3. Amount and quality of graphics
    4. Time and cost of development
    5. Profitability and realisable market share potential

  4. Addenda 2011:

    Things have moved on rather a lot in the past twenty-odd years. That said, with the exception of tape being replaced by hard drives and the platform moving on to pc, inter-connected consoles and the Internet, it still all holds true.

    If someone is confident they can run with the idea, I’ve interested. Otherwise, I’ll brush off my ancient coding skills and do it myself one day!

Addenda June 2020,/h2>

Going to have a try at developing it myself, using Unity :)


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