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Markets considered:

All the major and many of the smaller established games companies have been approached with the view to selling them the UK rights (on a royalties basis). So far all have declined. Whilst few detailed reasons were given, these included:

  • They do not actually make board games as a rule
    (Action GT)
  • They do not use outside sources as they employ a Research & Development team
    (MB Games)
  • They have a full development commitment, please call back in ‘x’ years
    (Pan Playthings)
  • The game does not suit their current range/development programme
    (Spear, Merit, etc.)
  • They do not think it has "any real commercial potential"
    (Gibson Games).

Relating subsequent experience to these it is true to say the following faults were at one stage or another noted and corrected:

  • That the illustration in the Rustling rules had the colours in the wrong corners
  • That the Farmer and Jockette (king and queen) in Equestrian needed their positions reversing for certain setups
  • That due to it’s complexity, Equestrian would actually harm sales of Horseplay and it therefore be altered slightly and aimed as a separate game to a different market.


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