Horseplay's product history

« Horseplay’s development history

March 19th, 1987

Concieved ‘Chessword’ – renamed to Horseplay – as a magazine puzzle and board game.

April 1st, 1987

Added ‘Rustling’ and ‘Equestrian’ to the game rules.

April 18th, 1987

Finished first prototype.

June 16th, 1987

Conceived rules for ‘Accumulator, adding it to the game.

July 2nd, 1987

Finished script for television gameshow version of Horseplay.

January 21st, 1988

Devised ‘Squarewords’ as a magazine puzzle, developing it into a 3D puzzle, ‘Lexicube’.

June 27th, 1988

Horseplay finalised and incorporates ‘Accumulator’ and ‘Rustling’.


Equestrian was subsequently taken out of Horseplay and is being altered to suit a different catchment area of the market.

Plans exist to base a television show around the Squarewords puzzle.

We are looking at buying the rights to use Rubiks Cube in association with Squarewords to produce Lexicube. This will depend on how much Matchbox will ask and on commercial viability.


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