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This was written back in the 80’s and is copied here. ~ Paul

  1. The rules to ‘Equestrian’ are being reviewed to have three variations:

    The first is akin to its chess origin and relies entirely upon the players skill.

    The second adds a luck element were a dice roll dictates the number of moves a pre-chosen piece can move.

    The last involves a RPG scenario with pieces having individual skills and abilities. Unlike in regular chess, the piece you (the player) attempt to take fights back.

    The board will remain essentially the same, but with minor alterations.

  2. Dependent upon market research, cost and rights, we may release the Lexicube.

  3. We have a policy of a reviewing television gameshows for trends and will devise programmes based on this analysis. One could be centered around the Squarewords puzzle.

  4. Future expansion plans:

    These include a publishing division based initially on our own books, two of which are near completion.

    A policy of continual research and development of board games. At present we have a further four games at various stages between rough outlines to completed prototype and are also looking at outside sources for further expansion.

    Considering the increasing support of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ type fantasy in all areas we are looking to exploit the areas that our research shows has not previously been covered, therefore cornering and leading the market in those areas.

    As wages are a large overhead cost, varying with strikes and productivity, we will operate by having contracts with other companies to have these manufactured for us. Thus we will know exactly what our production costs will be for each product.


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