Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Rings and amulets

Rings and amulets found in Baldur’s Gate game


Angel Skin Ring
Wanted by soldier in BG

Claw of Kazgoroth
High Hedge
I recommend it!
AC +1, Missile AC +4
Save +3 vs Wands, Breath, Spells & Polymorth
But Constitution -2 and, Save vs Death -4

Ring of Animal Friendship
Cloakwood AR1200 on (Good) Druid
Charm Animal for 10 Turns (Save vs Wands) range 40′)

Ring of Clumsiness
AR0800 Sorcerous Sundries – Upstairs
Cursed – Dexterity and Stealth reduced by 50%, spell casting – 75% chance of failure

Ring of Energy
AR3000 (Red Wizards)
2d6 Scorcher – 120′

Ring of Fire Resistance
AR5500 x1955 y2375
40% Fire resistance

Ring of Folly
(1) AR3100 on boat
(2) AR2100 Centeols lair
Cursed – Feeble mind (Intelligence & Wisdom drop to 3

Ring of Free Action
BG AR1200 Iron Throne Mercenaries on 4th floor
Immunity to anything affecting movement – including web, slow, haste, boot of speed and entangle

Ring of Holiness
Mulahey – Nashkel Mines
Increases number of Cleric spells – 1 extra spell for levels 1,2,3 & 4

Ring of Infravision
(1) Nimbul – mercenary in Nashkel
(2) Merchant in Elfsong BG AR0800
Infravision 120′

Ring of Invisibility

Ring of Protection (Kovenas)
Candlekeep (Chapter 6)
AC and Saving Throw +1

Ring of Protection +1
(1) AR2800 x1985 y800
(2) Tranzig in Beregost
(3) Mirianne in Beregost
(4) Candlekeep (Ch6) 6th floor
AC and Saving Throw +1
(1 above is Unpatched version only)
(2 is in Feldeposts Inn, Beregost)
(5+) I’m sure I saw another two in the final chapters!

Ring of Protection +2
BG AR0200 – Ramazith’s Tower
AC and Saving Throw +2

Ring of Wizardry
(1) Outside FAI AR2300 x2552, y3760
(2) Sunin the Mage BG AR1100
Doubles Level 1 Mage spells
(1 is in the unpatched version only)

Amulet of protection +1
(1) Buy Feldeposts Inn
(2) BG AR0700 Nadine
(3) BG AR0600 – Ragefast
(4) (1) Merchant in Elfsong BG AR0800
AC and Saving Throw +1
(2 is from a subquest – return to son)

Horn of Kazgoroth
High Hedge
Immunity to all level 1 & 2 spells
Save +2 vs Death, Wands, Polymorth, Breath & Spells
AC vs Missiles +5
Only lasts 18 seconds and drains 10 HP

Metaspell influence
BG AR0200 Ramazith’s Tower
1 extra second level spell for mages

Necklace of missiles
(1) Merchant in Elfsong BG AR0800
(2) Oberons Estate BG AR0700
6d6 fireball (range 50′ radius 30′)

Shield amulet
Merchant in Elfsong BG AR0800
Shield – AC to 4 and +2 AC vs Missiles, lasts 5 Turns

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