Baldur’s Gate Guide : Chapters 1 to 4

Chapters one to four of Baldur’s Gate. Introduction area

(Converted to WordPress post from original tables, written in 1999!)

Area : Where
Monsters and foes you can expect to face…
New interesting items you can hope to loot
Who you can find/meet there

AR0400 : Outside B.G. (top)

Zombies (Easy 2100 exp!)

AR0900 : Outside Baldurs Gate
Tenya, Ankhegs

Find : Quayle

AR1600 : Cloakwood
Dread Wolves, Worgs, cave bears, huge spiders, baby wyverns, guards, shadow druids

Bullets +1, Arrows +1, Arrows of Ice

AR1700 : Cloakwood

Hamadryad, Giant Spiders, Guards, Bears, Talsoi, Wyverns (adult & baby)

AR1800 : (Cloakwood) Mines
Guards, black talon elite, mercenaries

Boots of Speed, Morning Star +1, Plate mail +1, robes resist cold & travellers, arrows +1 and arrows of ice

Level 1


Level 2
guards, hobgoblins, mage
Robes – adventurer, arrows ice, +1,
scrolls: haste & ghoul touch

Level 3
guard, mage, hobgoblin (& elite)

spear +1, robe – adventurers, small shield +1, studded leather +1,
scrolls: slow, hold person, sleep, dispel magic, shocking grasp, mirror image, ghoul touch

Level 4
Mage, Horrors

Bracers AC6, Robes – Evil ArchMage, Wand of Fear,
Scrolls: dimension door, melf’s acid arrow, horror, larloch’s minor drain, infravision, detect invisible, grease, shield, protection from evil, protection from petrification.

AR1400 : (Ankhegs)
Bandits, Ankhegs

Flail +1, Wand of Fire, Chainmail +1, Darts of wounding and stunning, dagger +1,
scrolls: dire charm and ghost armour.

AR1900 : (Bandit Camp)
Bandits, Zombies, Gibberlings, Gnolls, Flinds, 1/2 Ogres

Arrows Acid & Piercing, Short Sword +1, Full Plate Armour, Medium Shield +1, War hammer +1, Robe Fire Resistance, Longbow Marksmanship (damage +2, thaco +3),
scrolls: horror, colourspray, friends, blindness, Agannazar’s scorcher, fireball, web, flame arrow, stinking cloud.

AR2100 : Cloakwood
Spiders (Huge, Giant, Phase, Sword), Ettercaps, Centeol

Ring Folly, Wand of Frost, Spiders Bane (1d10+2 & free action)

AR2200 : Cloakwood

Wolves (worg & dread), Tasloi, Giant Spiders, Noble/Druids

Cloak of non-detection, Bastard Sword +1 / +3 vs Shapeshifters (or Ring Animal Friendship), Arrows of Fire, of Ice

Hobgoblins, Mercenary Mage

Ring of Wizardry at X 2552, Y 3760 (lower east corner area – unpatched only)
Robe ( ), Scrolls ( ),

AR2400 : Peldvale
Bandits, Bears, Gibberlings and Black Talon Elite

Arrows +1 and Arrows of Ice

AR2500 : doesn’t exist!
Logically, it should be here, but if it is, I sure can’t find it or get to it!



AR2700 (East of Candlekeep start)
Xvarts, Wolves, Diseased Gibberlings

Find: Imoen, Xzar, Montaron

AR2800 : (Further east of Candlekeep
Bandits, Gibberlings, Diseased Gibberlings

Ogre (carrying Girdle M/F, Girdle +3 vs Slash),

x1985 y800 Ring of Protection +1 (hidden in rock)(unpatched only)

AR2900 : Larswood
Worgs, cave bear, shadow druid, black talon elite

Arrows +1, of Ice

AR3000 (east of Larswood)
Spiders (Giant, Huge, Sword, Phase), Ettercaps, Talsoi, traps, Mages

Includes: Robes Resist Cold, Electric, Fire, Ring of Energy (2d6),

Scrolls: Grease, Armour, Burning Hands, Blindness, Agannazers Scorcher, Protection from Petrification

AR3100 : (South of Candlekeep)
Nereid, Wolves (Dire & Dread), Carrian Crawlers, Sirine, Ogrillons, Ogre Berserkers, Ogre Mage

Helm of Defence, Arrows of Biting, Ring of Folly, Scroll Protection from Magic

AR3200 : High Hedge

Gnolls, Slasher Gnolls, Veteran Gnolls, Flind, Ghouls, Skeletons & (Black Bear)

Find: Kivan

AR3300 : Beregost

AR3400 : Temple (Lathander)

Worgs, Wild Dogs, War Dogs, Dread Wolves, Vampire Wolves, Hobgoblins (Chill)

AR3500 (East of the Temple of Lathander)
(Beware of) basilisks, bandits, gnolls, flind, gibberlings

Includes: Arrows +1, Bracers AC7, Golden Girdle (+3 vs slashing), Morning Star +1, Longsword +1 (x 2),

Scrolls of Protection from Evil, Infravision, Charm Person

Sirines, Hobgoblins (& Elite), various wolves, Carrion Crawlers, Flesh Golems

Tome Constitution +1, Darts Wounding, Wand Paralysis, Arrows Biting

AR3700 (South of High Hedge)
Worgs, Wolves (& Dread), Gnolls, Talsoi, Bandits, Skeletons, BASSILLUS, Melicamp the Hen

Warhammer +2 (1d4 +3 +1 elec thaco +2), Gauntlets fumbling (cursed), shortsword +2,
Scrolls Vampiric Touch & Skull Trap

AR3800 : (South of Beregost)
Ghouls,Gibberlings, Hobgoblins, Ogrillons

Boots of stealth, 5 Health Potions in cave, (Mirianne’s letter – return for Ring Protection +1)

AR3900 : Ulcaster

Kobold (& Commandos), Wraith, Hobgoblins (& Elite)

Fire Arrows, Boots of Stealth

Below Ruins
Ochre & Mustard Jellies, Giant Spiders, Dire, Dread & Vampiric Wolves, Traps

Arrows Acid, Biting & Piercing, Dagger +1, (cursed scrolls), Book for ghost, Wand of Fireballs

Wolves, Dire Wolves, Worgs, Kobold & Mercenaries

Morning Star +1, Longsword +2, Chainmail +2, Scrolls Sleep & Colourspray.

(Notes: There are 2 hidden entrances to the Firewine Dungeons. There are 2 large areas to the south that are inaccessable. Bug?)

AR4100 : (Towards south-west coast)
Wild Dogs, Tasloi, Brage, Doomsayer, Flind, Gnoll (Elite & Vets), Hobgolbins, Kobold Commandos

Cursed Sword +3, Flame Arrows

AR4200 : (Near Nashkel)
Ogre Berserkers, Ghouls, (Drizzt Do’Urden), Hobgoblins, Wolves, War Doga, 1/2 Ogres, Skeletons, Bandits.

Robe Resist Fire, Scrolls Chromatic Orb, Larlochs Minor Drain, Resist Fear

Drizzt has Scimitars +3 and +5 and Chainmail +4, but in the AD&D world it’s out of characters (and bloody unlikely!) that you could either defeat him or steal his swords.

AR4300 : (North of Nashkel)
Hobgoblins, Bandits, Gibberlings

No real items found

AR4400 : (Northeast of Nashkel)

Ogres (1/2 & Berserkers), Wolves, Xvant, Hobgoblins (& Elite)

2 Handed Sword +1


Zombies, Skeletons, War Dogs, Kobold (& Commandos), (Ogre Mage)

Knaves Robe, Gauntlets Weapon Expertise (on Fighter)

Kobolds (& Commandos & more Commandos!), Ogrillons, Mage, Ogre Mage, Skeleton, Traps

Robe Resist Electricity,
Scrolls Cloudkill (lvl 5), Lightning, Fireball, Flame Arrow (lvl 3), Ghoul Touch.
I collected well over 100 Flame Arrows here!

Note: There is also a secret exit to the Halfling healers to the west of the dungeons.

AR4600 : (North of Gnoll Stronghold)
Ogres (& Berserkers), Gibberlings, Cave Bear, War Dogs, Bandits, Hobgoblins (& Elite)

Boots of the North, Longsword +1,
Scroll Dispell Magic (lvl 3 spell)

AR4700 : (west of Nashkel)
Xvarts, Wolves, (Con artist)

Bracers AC8, Flail +1, Shortsword +1,
Scrolls Web, Colourspray, cursed.

<strongAR4800 : NASHKEL

(Neira)Helm of Infravision, (Nimbul) Shortsword +1, Ring Infravision, Boots of Avoidance.
Ankheg Armour Hidden at x188 y2742

Kobolds, Mage

Knaves Robe,
Scrolls Armour & Colour Spray

AR5000 (east of Carnival)
Mage, Mercenaries, Flind, Gnolls, Ghasts, Revenant, War Dogs, Ankhegs, Mustard Jellies

Scrolls Web, Lightning & Burning Hands
Knaves Robe, Leather +1, Studded Leather +2, Chain +1, Arrows +2, Dagger +2, Darts Wounding, Wand Monster Summoning

Gnolls, Xvarts, Ogrillons

Gauntlets of Dexterity, Tome of Charisma +1,
Scrolls Magic Missile & Larlochs Minor Drain

AR5200 (southwest of Nashkel)
Winter & Dire Wolves, Hill-billies

Girdle of Bluntness, Halberd +1

AR5300 : (south of Nashkel)
Xvants, Amn Nobles

Arrows +1 (70), Longsword +1, Studded Leather +2.
Scrolls Cloudkill (lvl 5 spell)
Chromatic Orb hidden at x1793 y416


Ghouls, Kobolds, wolves, Greywolf

Longsword +2 (+1 cold damage +2 thaco),
Wand of Frost (tree at x165 y175)

Inside Mines
Levels 1 -3 just Kobold, then Kobold (& Commandos), Spiders, Ochre Jellies, a Ghoul & Skeleton. Traps on level 3

(Mulahey) Boots of Grounding, Shortsword +1, Ring of Holiness,
Scrolls of Armour, Identify, Sleep, Web, Charm, Infravision

AR5500 : (eat of Nashkel mines)
Wild Dogs, Gibberlings, Winter Wolves

(Hafiz)Scroll Protect Magic.
Ring of Protection from Fire hidden at x1955 y2375


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