Baldur’s Gate Guide : Chapter 5 : City

Chapter five, Baldur’s Gate City

(Converted to WordPress post from original tables, written in 1999!)

Area : Where
Monsters and foes you can expect to face…
New interesting items you can hope to loot
Who you can find/meet there

BG City AR0100
Mages, Fighters, Helm Horrors, Doom Guards, Invisible Stalkers

Wand of Polymorph (to squirrel), Amulet Protection +1, Balduran’s Helm, Battleaxe +2, Arrows +1, Longsword +1, Bracers of Defence AC7, Robe: Adventurers, Electric, Splint Mail +1,
Scrolls: Stone to Flesh,

BG City AR0200

Fighters, Mustard Jellies, Ghasts, Hobgoblin Elite, Kobold Commandos, Mage

Helm of Glory, Longsword +1, Shortsword +1, Tome Intellect +1, Knaves Robe, Ring of Protection +2, Metaspell Necklace,
Scrolls: Dire Charm, Blur, Blind, Invisibility, Mirror Image

BG City AR0300
Guards, Blink Dogs

Arrows +1, Dagger +2, Eagle Bow

BG City AR0600


Tome Wisdom +1, Amulet Protection +1, Wand Paralysis, Robes Cold

BG City AR0700
Noble, Mages,

Morningstar +1, Heavy Crossbow of Accuracy, (Arrows: Ice, Piercing, +1, Acid), Necklace Missiles, Amulet Protection +1, Robes: Knave, Fire & Electric,
Scrolls: Identify, Non Detection, Protection vs Fire

BG City AR0800

Tome Dexterity +1, Ring Clumsiness, Darts: +1 & Stunning, Wand Fireball, Robes Fire, Electric & Cold,
Scrolls: Luck, Identify

BG City AR1100
Mage, Jellies, Doppelgangers

Spear +1, Arrows: Fire, +1, Piercing; Longsword +1, Robes Electric, Ring of Wizardry, Wand Magic Missiles,
Scrolls: Fireball, Vampire Touch, Protection from Normal Missiles, Fiends, Ghost Armour, Protection Undead & Electric

BG City AR1200
Fighters, Mercenaries, Ogre Mages, Greater Basilisk

Gauntlets Ogre Strength, Sword +1 (x 2), Dagger +1, Ring of Free Action, Bracers AC7, Warhammer +1, Mace +1, Shortsword +1, Halberd +2, Studded Leather Armour +1,
Wands: Fireballs, Lightning & Heaven,
Scrolls: Clairvoyance, Dispel Magic (x 2), Burning Hands, Shield, Know Alignment (x 2), Flame Arrow, Hold Person, Stinking Cloud, Fireball, Confusion, Dimension Door, Vocalise, Protection from Normal Missiles, Protection: Undead & Petrification

BG City AR1300

Bolts of Lightning, Long sword +1, Flame Arrows

(I’ve not bothering mapping all the sewers. For the most part they just yield a Bastard Sword +1 and Fire Arrows.
You may well find the Undercellar but, Balduran’s cloak aside, this is for the next Chapter.

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