Baldur’s Gate Guide : Chapters 6 and 7

CHAPTERS 6 & 7: Candlekeep, Undercellar, Duchal Palace, Maze, Undercity

(Converted to WordPress post from original tables, written in 1999!)

Area : Where
Monsters and foes you can expect to face…
New interesting items you can hope to loot
Who you can find/meet there

Candlekeep in general
I really wouldn’t bother stealing the scrolls from the great library – you WILL be get caught!

Candlekeep Level 1 AR2608

Scrolls: Vocalise, Chill Touch, Web, Knock

Candlekeep Level 2 AR2609

Koveras’s Ring of Protection +1, Scrolls: Luck, Chromatic Orb, Mirror Image, Melfs Acid Arrow (x2)

Candlekeep Level 3 AR2610
Iron Throne Leaders

Medium Shield +1, Longsword +1, Chainmail +1, Morning Star +1
Scrolls: Luck, Identify

Candlekeep Level 4 AR2611
Greater Doppelganger

Wand of Fear,
Scrolls: Web, Grease, Blind

Candlekeep Level 5 AR2612

Cloaks +1

Candlekeep Level 6 AR2614

Ring +1, Wand of Magic Missiles,
Scrolls: Ghost Armour, Protection from Normal Missiles, Protection from Petrification

Candlekeep Level – Secret Library AR2613

Scrolls: Chromatic Orb, Identify x 2, Confusion, Summon Monster II, Fireball, Lightning, Dimension Door, Agannazer’s Scorcher, Minor Globe Invulnerability

Candlekeep Tombs, level 1 AR2615
Traps, Ghasts, Doppelgangers, Phase Spiders

Ring of Fire Resistance, Cloak of Protection +2, Warhammer +2, Wand of Fireballs,
Tome of Understanding (Wisdom +1),
Tome of Exercise (Strength +1)

Candlekeep Tombs, level 2 AR2619
Doppelgangers, Skeletons (and Ghasts, I think)

Scroll: Dispel Magic

Candlekeep Catacombs AR(____)
Mercenaries, Greater Basilisk, Sword Spiders, Wraith Spiders

Acid Arrows, Darts of Stunning, Throwing Axe +2 (returns)
Scrolls: Strength, Ghoul Touch, Dire Charm, Slow, Haste, Ghost Armour, Resist Fear, Chromatic Orb, Luck, Mirror Image, Detect Evil

Iron Throne – revisited
Mage and (summoned) Ogres – on Top floor

Adventurers Robe

Flaming Fist – revisited

Mercenaries, Doppelganger

Undercellar – revisited

Sling +1, Bullets +1, +2, Dagger +2 – Longtooth, Shortsword of Backstabbing +3
Scrolls: Clairvoyance, Flame Arrow, Summon Monsters 1, Non Detection, Protection from Normal Missiles, Skull Trap, Vampire Touch.

Duchal Palace

Sarevok and Mage (You can’t beat them here) and Doppelgangers

Thieves Guild – revisited – The Maze

Traps, Grey, Ochre & Mustard Jellies, Skeleton Warriors, Doom Guards

UnderCity – Final Conflict – outside AR0123
Ghouls, Ghasts, Skeleton Warriors, Mercenaries, Tamoka

Arrows: Ice, Piercing, Biting, Detonation; Studded Leather +1, Ring of Protection +1, Two handed sword +1 (x 2), Full Plate Armour +1, Large Shield +1, Flail +1

UnderCity – Final Conflict – inside
Sarevok, Angelo, Tazok, (Samhu), Battle Horrors, Traps

Arrows of Detonation, Wand of Lightning, Knaves Robes
Scrolls Vampiric Touch and Fireball

A poor amount of items from the final showdown!

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