Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Gloves and belts

Gloves and belts found in Baldur’s Gate game


Bracers of Archery
Zal – AR5300 CloudPeak Mountains
Missile thaco +2

Bracers of Defence AC8
(1) Feldeposts Inn
(2)Kill the guy selling cursed scrolls! AR4700
AC 8

Bracers of Defence AC7
(1) Fighters – AR3500
(2) Fight in Helm & Cloak BG AR0100
(3) Iron Throne BG AR1200
(4) (I’m sure that I saw more!)
AC 7

Bracers of Defence AC6
Mage – level 4 in Mines – AR1800
AC 6

Gauntlets of Dexterity
Ogrillon on Bridge at Gnoll fortress
Dexterity set to 18

Gauntlets of Fumbling
Bassilluss AR3700
Cursed – Dexterity -2, thac0 -10
A very BAD thing!

Gauntlets of Ogre Strength
Low Lantern BG AR1200
18/00 Strength

Gauntlets of Weapon Skills
(1) BG AR1200 Box near docks
(2) I think I got the 2nd one from the Bandits camp, though I seem to remember getting it in BG
thac0 +1

Gauntlets of Weapon Expertise
Firewine – Beat Fighter
Damage +2, thac0 +1

Girdle of bluntness
AR5200 – Men near Dryad
+3 vs blunt weapons

Golden girdle
Fighters – AR3500
+3 vs slashing weapons

Girdle of piercing
Ogre in Area AR2800
+3 vs piercing weapons – including arrows

Girdle of masculinity/femininity
Ogre in Area AR2800
Cursed – gender bender!

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