Baldur’s Gate Solution : Items : Boots and cloaks

Boots and cloaks found in Baldur’s Gate game


Boots of Avoidance
Nashkel – Nimbul (mercenary)
Resist missiles +5

Boots of Grounding
Nashkel mines – level 4 – Mulahey
Resist electricial 50%

Boots of Speed
Guarding Mine AR1800
Increases movement rate

Boots of Stealth
(1)Hobgoblin AR3800
(2)Hobgoblin AR3900 Ulcaster
Stealth +35%

Boots of the North
AR4600 – Jared
Resist Cold – 50%

Boots – worn out
Spider infested house in Beregost (I think)
sub quest item – no powers

Cloak – Algernon’s
Steal – Feldeposts Inn, Beregost
Charisma +2

Cloak – Balduran’s
(1) Girl in Undercellars – BG
(2) Entrances in sewers (x3)
(3) and Blushing Mermaid
AC+1, Saving Throw +1, resist magic 25%

Cloak of Displacement
Blur – AC +4 vs missiles
Saving Throw +2 vs Breath, Death and Wands

Cloak of Non-Detection
Talsoi, Cloakwood AR2200
Cloaks against detection

Cloak of Protection +1
(1)Candlekeep – 6th floor (Chapter 6)
(2) Thieves Guild BG AR0800
AC +1 and Saving Throw +1

Cloak of Protection +2
Candlekeep Crypts (Ch6) AR2615
AC +2 & Saving Throw +2

Cloak of the Nymph
BG AR0800 Sorcerous Sundries
Charisma +2
(In return for locket of hair from nymph held by Ragefast)

Cloak of the Wolf
AR3600 Sirine Cave
Polymorph to Wolf at will

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