A guide to stats priority for your character in World of Warcraft

This is a rough, rule of thumb guide for those unsure as to the preferred secondary/enhancement stats for your character. (Currently updated to patch 6.2/6.22). It is mainly for newly dinged level 100 alts that are gearing up and deciding on the best baneful/crafted of the … item to buy/keep. It will help you decide which drops are best to keep, which items to craft/buy for most situations until you need to worry about specific raid bosses fights.

As such it will also guide you as to which gems, enchants and foods you should focus on. It won’t however (yet) go into any detail with regard to talent trees, glyphs, the effects of tier sets, whether single target or AoE nor, generally make a distinction between duel wielding and using a two-handed weapon (unless all the sites I look at make such a note).

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Personally I think it is utterly ridiculous that I have to write this, that after 10 years of tweaking, uber-buffs and game-breaking nerfs (evoking howls of outrage), Blizzard still can’t get it right! It’s not exactly rocket science. OK, given the vast number of combinations and rotations possible you can argue for them not getting it precise for new abilities but secondary stats should be set in stone. Just look at raid drops and such, they are either random (of the’thing‘) or they are wrong for your class. Take my frost mage, according the latest from Icy Veins, I want to prioritise multistrike, then critical hits. And what is the only choice for a legendary ring after months of useless and redundant LFRs? Versatility and Mastery. Thanks for nothing, Blizz. I can’t even think of a caster class that would want that particularity combination, can you?

Theory crafting aside and the ‘fun’ of spending a week practising on dummies or soloing the hardest mob you can (both of which I’ll pass on thanks!) your best bet is to go to Icy Veins, to ask Mr Robot or to find they don’t all agree, or that it depends. Are you optimising for single target or AoE, for PvE or PvP. Even assuming you get the balance right (at a cost of a millions in time, gold, mats and soulless grind to get BiS) it’s odd on favourite that in the next patch it will be changed, so what does it even matter? What indeed, and if it doesn’t, why can’t Blizzard make up their minds? Ten years, come on guys! For that matter why do I even have to put it here? Why isn’t it build into the character sheet or specialisation tab?

As a point of note, if you eat something like ‘Savage Feast‘ you get a buff for your ‘attuned stat for 1 hour‘, which appears to be based of whichever specialisation you currently have for your class.

If it was up to me you’d be able to re-roll the secondary properties on any gear, either via a vendor or using crafted items similar to using a Taladite Recrystalizer and it’s equivalents for WoD crafted weapons and armour.

On which note: … of the

Adaptable gives pure Versatility
Decimator give pure Critical Strike
Relentless gives pure Multistrike
Savant gives pure Mastery
Impatient gives pure Haste

Aurora gives Haste and Versatility
Deft gives Haste and Multistrike
Feverflare gives Haste and Mastery
Fireflash gives Critical Strike and Haste
Harmonious gives Versatility and Mastery
Merciless gives Mastery and Multistrike
Peerless gives Critical Strike and Mastery
Quickblade gives Critical Strike and Versatility
Savage gives Critical Strike and Multistrike
Strategist gives Multistrike and Versatility

Healing (+Spirit):
(nothing?) gives pure Spirit

Augur gives Versatility and Spirit
Diviner gives Mastery and Spirit
Fanatic gives Critical Strike and Spirit
Herald gives Multistrike and Spirit
Zealot gives Haste and Spirit

Tanking (+Armor):
(nothing?) gives pure Bonus Armor

Guileful gives Critical Strike and Bonus Armor
Noble gives Mastery and Bonus Armor
Stalwart gives Versatility and Bonus Armor
Stormbreaker gives Multistrike and Bonus Armor
Windshaper give Haste and Bonus Armor

These can additionally have one of the following: avoidance, speed, leech, indestructible. It can also have a gem socket. For instance the amulet below gave me an upgrade of both a socket and bonus leech, which is always nice.

Bonus stats on WoD gear

Remember also that the Dwarf Bunker in your garrison can give you a ‘war forged’ bonus, adding +6 to the iLevel of the item. This includes drops from Kazzak which can be boosted to i711, something worth remembering even if you have all the items from him.

Regardless of the class there is always one stat that is more important than all the rest (or two if you count tanks and their bonus armor). The guide looks at gear but requires this short note of food and enchant buffs:

Weapon enchants:

Bonus Armor: Mark of the Blackrock
Critical Strike : Mark of the Thunderlord
Haste: Mark of the Warsong
Mastery: Mark of the Bleeding Hollow
Multistrike: Mark of the Frostwolf
Spirit: Mark of the Shadowmoon
(Versatility: none)

Food buffs, which is best to eat*:

Critical Strike:

Grilled Gulper (75)
Blackrock Ham (75)
Blackrock Barbecue (100)
Pickled eel (125)


Sturgeon Stew (75)
Pan-seared Talbut (75)
Frost Stew (100)
Buttered Sturgeon (125)


Fat Sleeper Cake (75)
Braised Riverbeast (75)
Sleeper Surprise (100)
Sleeper Sushi (125)


Rylak Crepes (75)
Fiery Calamari (75)
Calamari Crepes (100)
Salty Squid Roll (125)


Skulker Chowder (75)
Clefthoof Sausage (75)
Gorgrond Chowder (100)
Jumbo Seadog (125)


Steamed Scorpion (112)
Hearty Elekk (112)
Taladar Surf and Turt (150)
Whiptail Fillet (187)

(Bonus armor: none)
(Spirit: none)

*Feast of Blood / Feast of the Waters feeds 10, gives an ‘attuned’ buff of 75

*Savage Feast feeds 30, gives an ‘attuned’ buff of 100

At the time of writing (October 2015) I’m looking at the following sources:

Icy Veins. Seems to be the best at present.

Mr Robot. A lot swear by this, other rate Icy Veins better.

WoWhead is better known as an all round source.

Noxxic is up to date but gets a lot of bad reviews for being dated in forums – something to consider. Having looked at scores of builds it does seem Noxxic – without digging – is regularly out of agreement with the rest and so, for me, holds the least authority. In their defence I will note that you can click a button to optimise the results. In any reviews for the classes pages feel free to insert the amendment "without digging around". For instance:

For a Paladin tank they suggest:
Stamina > Bonus Armor > Armor > Strength >= Versatility >= Haste >= Mastery > Critical Strike = Multistrike

Selecting an i685 geared Pally tank taking flat damage they change it to a more sensible:
Bonus Armor > Strength > Mastery > Armor > Critical >= Multistrike >= Haste > Versatility > Stamina

In comparison, most of the other sites agree it’s best to stack haste (up to 50%) after your bonus armor.

MaxDPS. I like this, myself, but it’s not been updated since 6.02 (Nov. 2014) so is no longer reliable.

(Thottbot used to be OK but now it’s ugly and clunky. Don’t bother!)

Also of possible interest is this add-on :Stat Weight Score. Appears to rely on Mr Robot and supports 6.2

(I have ignored simulators, though some argue for their use.)

Stat priorities by class and specialisation:

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