WoW 3.02 patch – or scratch? World Server is Down

WoW 3.02 strangles game

This has to one of the buggiest patches ever. A lot of the complaints I saw were people just not knowing what to do, particularly with mounts, or talent trees, but others were stranger. Many players meeting themselves, even two or three copies of themselves, warriors finding their epic plate is now chainmail, gnomes speaking in Drenai, lots of people stuck, etc. I was booted so many times… Then there were resets and rollbacks – rather annoying after working out the talent tree etc. Then it fell over completely

As is stand for me (EU)…

Aerie Peak is down*
Wildhammer is down*
Blade Edge  was down but seems OK, for the moment
Hellscream was down but seems OK, for the moment

Yet characters we have on French, Spanish and German servers are all fine. Even stable enough to run BT raids.

  • I log in, get the character list, Enter World – and get rejected:
    “World Server is Down”

Before it all went pear-shaped I was randomly getting booted, but was able to return, or return on other characters, now, nothing. The status on the listing for these is low population, assumedly meaning no-one else can get back on either.

If you look on the forums [ forums.worldofwarcraft .com ] they are flooded with people all over the world angry and frustrated, with the threads locked down as they fill up. A lot of people are probably very unhappy about now – easy to estimate the people having problems being “in the millions”

Can’t even access the EU Realm status :(
[ .com/realmstatus/index.html ]

(503: The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later.)

Can access realms here [ http://www.worldofwarcraft .com/realmstatus/ ] – and they are toppling over like a deck of cards.

Basically, it is a safe bet they majorly messed up with this ‘patch’ and should have left well alone until it was ready!

Been flaky for hours, now nothing unless I want to play in Spanish.

Los siento no creo este bien!

Sorry, but I don’t think is very good, nope! Worse than my Spanish even :S

Been trying for 5 hours, on and on. The game is really messed. And to think I was calling Warhammer Online the other day. The guys at EA / Mythic must be laughing their socks of at Blizzard about now. At least theirs is a new game, one expects a certain amount of teething issues.

The log-in for Warcraft seems to be resetting now and shows many server offline.

I just want to work on Inscriptions for my guide.

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