WoW Wrath Scourge prelude – is (unprintable)

woW pandemic scourge

Congratulations to the morons at Blizzard that thought up and implemented a ‘fun’ prelude that rendered the game unplayable for many and so frustrating it’s not worth playing for others.

PvP’ers are probably loving it, but most of those doing so are doing it maliciously. They give these clowns the ability to explode and infect everyone in a radius. Unless you could cure disease, or get cured in a few seconds, you turned, then died. Great for them, they run back in, click on a ‘suspicious package’ to re-infect themselves again, then start over.

There is NOTHING fun about logging in and dying, especially when it’s in a safe zone.

There is NOTHING fun about repair bills on Epic gear. The taunt of ‘well don’t wear it’ from the idiot brigade raised temper too.

There is NOTHING fun about waiting around to hand in a quest because some git deliberately infected everyone at the Inn etc, or having the banker or quest giver turn into a zombie and kill you.

And for the idiots that say, “Well don’t play” … I’m sure Blizzard would have a different view of that if a million really hacked off players took that advice – ($185,000,000 a year in lost revenue. Epic Fail!)

Then there’s the same fools that say, “Well, go to…”

Every city, every village, every starter area is (was) the same – because it’s people like that going out of their way to make it so.

Yes, I am sure a percentage of players – in the minority I must add – are loving this to bits. For the rest of us – EPIC FAIL, Blizzard!

All in all, the ‘fun’ wore out very, very quickly, then because annoying, now it’s making me wonder if I even want to continue playing a game where the developers are so stupid, indifferent and out of touch with the feeling and pulse of the majority of players. It was players that caused the mess, but it was entirely predictable what would happen.

Utterly disgusted with Blizzard at the minute!

Addenda, next day:

It was removed the following day after an apparently massive deluge of complaints. I know a small minority of (adolescents) called the rest of us whiners and whingers, but to be honest they were generally the hoody-type cowardly bullies exasperating the problem. It was almost too quiet the next day. It was fun, at first, but there was an amazing lack of common sense on Blizzards behalf. Let’s hope they learn from this!

Addenda 2020

Ignoring the current situation, it is interesting to note, years later, that the episode is covered in psychology and sociology at degree up to doctorate level. Youngsters screaming about their rights to continue having packed raves during a pandemic was the sort of behaviour looked at in the game model. If there’s ever a zombie apocalypse, teenagers will get eaten first!

It was only a game, but offered real-life insights. There are a LOT of academic and scientific studies with a focus on this.

Reuters (2009) Online ‘blood plague’ offers lessons for pandemics.

British Medical Journal: Virtual plagues and real-world pandemics: reflecting on the potential for online computer role-playing games to inform real world epidemic research

Researchgate (2014): On the Problem of Predicting Real World Characteristics from Virtual Worlds

Wired (2020): World of Warcraft perfectly predicted our coronavirus panic

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