How to clear the quest object list in Warcraft

The – default – quest objective list is useful, handy even, sometimes. The rest of the time it’s an ugly list, one that’s obscuring a chunk of real estate on the right side of your screen. Simply put, it should not be there, in your face, all the time.

Warcraft Quest list 6.22

You can just click the arrow button on it to the folder/unfold the list – but the frame is still there.

Warcraft quest list collapsed 6.22

You can enter your interface menu, go to the ‘Objectives’ section and uncheck ‘Automatic Quest Tracking’ – which does almost nothing on its own. The list is still there until you abandon or you complete and hand-in everything on it, it just doesn’t add more to it. Not very intuitive to say the least.

Warcraft quest list interface options patch 6.22

You can also do this, simply enter:

/script ObjectiveTrackerFrame:Hide()

Warcraft quest list cleared with a script

It should be noted that when you reload or relog in the list reappears, so you might want to make a macro if it.

The RIGHT way is to simply have the option to enable/disable (show/hide) the list in objectives. You should also have the option to distinguish between, to hide selectively, quest lines and achievement objectives. I guess that’s too obvious for a multi-billion dollar games programming company! Probably why there are so many add-ons for Warcraft: Blizzard are so busy focusing on squeezing every last cent out of the game they neglect user interface design; it’s not profitable. News flash for you, Activision, what people see on the screen IS the game.

As an aside, though still related to quest lists, if you’ve ever wondered where you are up to with quests, what you are missing from a zone, you can’t go far wrong with this web tool from Icy-Veins: World of Warcraft Completed Quests Checker

Warcraft quest tracker by Icyveins

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