Guide to farming RoS legendary mats: E to H

>Farming legendary crafting materials in Diablo RoS

Part two: Element of Celerity to Human Cartilage

Diablo RoS legendary mats - Element of Celerity to Human Cartilage

Element of Celerity
Drops from rare Scavengers in Act 1 and is used for crafting a belt, Fleeting Strap. I’d strongly favour looking for bounties and events around the Fields of Misery (Forlon Farm, Lost Mines etc) as these can also give rare chest and a shot at the keywarden. (Note the key probably only drops on Torment levels). To me at least, the fleeting name implies movement speed, as given by some amulets, rings, leggings and weapons, but the belt actually gives increases attack speed.

Recommended Bounties: A1: Bounty: Scavenged Scabbard (Southern Highlands)
(This particular bounty also counts towards the ‘Market Research’ achievement).

Essence of the Twin Seas
Drops from rare Dune Threshers in act II and is used for the Captain Crimsons Trimmings armour set. Not a great set, but better than nothing. Can spawn from the likes of a Monstrous Dune Thresher in the Stinging Winds but that’s far too hit and miss for my liking, best would be looking for the bounty to kill Razormouth in the Black Canyon mines, though some sites recommend looking for the Moontooth Dreakshark in the Sewers of Caldeum – which you see parties farming in channels. Not a great set, but will suit certain builds. Set bonuses increase life regeneration, +50 to resistances and reduce cost and cooldown of skills and resources by 10%.

Recommended Bounties: A2: Kill Razormouth (Black Canyon Mines). However… the bounty never seems to be an option so the sewers of Caldeum is is perhaps better, put be prepared to make a lot on runs, though I don’t think the set warrants the time and effort! On the plus side you’ll occasionally find two men dithering over a chest. Once opened Raziel spawn and he can drop Shard of Entsteig Plate, a requirement for the Aughild’s Authority set.

Eternal Power Capsule
You need the Staff of Herding to get this, or a group with it at any rate as it only drops from Tubbers and Evil Oliver, rare Cuddle Bears in Whimsyshire. If you do this instance be sure to look out for the pinata (the instance’s resplendent chest) as this is the only place you can find the legendary Horadric Hamburger. You can also encounter Whimsyshire levels in Rifts, but that’s too random. As for the capsule, it is used for the Arcane Barb crossbow. As the name implies, it does arcane damage.

Recommended Bounties: None, you’ll need the Staff of Herding (in your inventory) to enter Whimsyshire for this.

Eyes of the Dead
Only appears to drop from one of two rare skeletons in Act I – Headcleaver who occurs in the quest Leoric’s Passage (probably the best to farm) or the bounty for Merrium Skullthorn, found in level 2 of the cathedral. Required for the barbarian two-hander War of the Dead. Adds to regular damage.

Recommended Bounties: the act I campaign quest Quest The Legacy of Cain: Explore Cellar. Run to the cellar, clear that, run to the cathedral and run through that to find Leoric’s Passage and the rescue Cain from the Skeleton King’s minions and Executioner.

Fiery Brimstone
Not actually a drop, salvaged from legendary items up to level 60.

Forgotten Soul
Salvaged from level 61 to 70 legendary items. Also a common drop from the end boss in Rifts, certainly so at Torment 1 or higher. (Can’t comment on the rate for low levels runs as I don’t do them).

Frozen Blood
Only drops in campaign mode in the Caverns of Frost (act III, Fields of Slaughter) from a rare Lacuni Huntress called Chiltara. You do often see people looking for groups to farm her. If your build is chill based though it’s rather nice as, on top of doing cold damage, it adds a further 15-20% more damage to cold skills. The one-handed axe, Utar’s Roar, can be used by most classes (pretty useless to a hunter).

Recommended Bounties: A3 Clear the Caverns of Frost


Note that the following applied pre 2.05 patch and the issues have been fixed.

They are a lot of reports that this has a horrendous drop rate and while it took several clears before she’d actually spawn the frozen blood dropped first time. Or maybe I was extremely lucky? As I also have to test her for the Gibbering Gemstone for the Staff of Herding (see below) I’ll see how it goes, but blues have confirmed there is a bug and that the rate is extremely low – far lower than intended. Funny how, when a bug is one that drops far more legendaries than expected or is being widely exploited it can – and is – hotfixed. Just saying. But be aware a lot of people are reporting scores of hours of repeatedly farming to get this and far longer again for the other legendary.


  • The instance itself, within Fields of Slaughter, is a random spawn.
  • Assuming the instance is there you need to fight your ways to level 2 where Chiltara may reside. Most people put the odds at 1 in 20 of her even being there.
  • Meet our friend RNG again… Yep, the frozen blood has a really low drop rate.
  • One bloke on Reddit did the maths of his attempts and of others trials and put the chance of you getting the frozen blood at 1 in 286.
  • Then you face the random nature of creating the axe which is as likely to be poor as not.
  • You will be pleased to know (or not) this is also the creature you need to find the Gibbering Gemstone for the Staff of Herding to enter Whimyshire.

All in all – especially when compared to Azurewrath (below) which has the same effect, plus a 20-25% chance to freeze mobs, plus a per second holy AoE with knockback – you really have to wonder what goes through their skulls and if they do things like this to see how far they can push players before they quit in frustration! I’ve not seen a blue post but I’ve seen a few people saying it’s a "bug and will be fixed in a later patch" (See also the Gibbering Gemstone below). Cobblers! It’s a not a bug, it’s RNG issue. Someone in Blizzard either by error or spite has set the percentage value too low. It can be fix in seconds. As it’s not been fixed despite a few patches, therefore it is intensional… (More on this when you read what I have to say about the Mystical Source.)

Diablo RoS Azurewrath freezing sword

(Actually mind, don’t bother even trying until Blizzard fix the ludicrous and frankly sadisticly low drop rate. Really – no seriously – Blizzard should put a bounty on Chiltara’s head and better balance her drops, would solve so many problems!

On whether I am being unfairly harsh in my castigation of Blizzard, before judging me consider this – if this issue with Chiltara was instead an exploit where she was continually dropping legendary items it would have been fixed straight away.

Gibbering Gemstone
One of the components to the Staff of Herding, this can be dropped by Chiltara in level 2 of the Caverns of Frost (act 3, fields of slaughter), though even fixed the drop rate is still intentionally low so it may take a number of tries. Unlike of rants of mine I accept this is ‘working as intended’ and if you want the staff, the price in measured in grind.

Recommended Bounties: A3 Clear the Caverns of Frost


Note: The following commentary is now obsolete as they finally, after many months, fixed the issue in patch 2.05. I’ve left it in for pertinence and, should any developers from Blizzard or other companies wander this way, a reminder that players ultimately pay their mortgages and as such don’t like to be treated like mushrooms…

There is a bounty for the instance, if not for Chiltara herself but, as has been pointed out, it’s currently bugged and rarely drops, even with aggressive farming – fixing the problem(s) doesn’t appear to be a priority. See also Farming the Staff of Herding.

US forum Herding Staff, Chiltara and the Gibbering Gemstone.

EU forum Chiltara spawn – no Gibbering Gemstone

EU forum Caverns of Frost, Chiltara, Gibbering Gemstone.

Blue post by Omrakos (28/02/2014)
The low drop rate for the Gibbering Gemstone is being looked into. I’d imagine though that it won’t be altered until an upcoming patch is released.

Blue post(s) by Vaneras (06/03/2014)
No it has not been moved to Act V, it still drops from Chiltara in the Caverns of Frost. There is a bug in play that has lowered the drop-rate dramatically so that it is now even rarer than it was before, but it still does drop. The current drop-rate is not intended and we are looking into fixing it, but there is no ETA yet though.

… (07/03/2014)

This bug is rather unusual from what I can understand, and unlike normal drop rates, difficulty doesn’t seem to matter much in this particular case. We should hopefully get this sorted out soon.

… (18/03/2014)

We do have adjustments planned that will make the Gibbering Gemstone a little easier to get, which will go live with a future patch that is currently in the works. Please note however that the gemstone will not be as common as it was in patch 1.0.8—it will not be as rare as it is currently of course, but it may still take some more time to obtain than it did in the past. I can confirm that the Gibbering Gemstone still drops, but it is somewhat rarer now because Chilltara appear less often now than she did before patch 2.0.1.

As I pointed out with the frozen blood though, if this issue greatly benefited players it would have been corrected as soon as it was noticed – which was months ago.

Glowing Ore
Dropped by rare Primordial Scavengers in act V. There are a few but the easiest is probably Sartor in the fields of Eternity. Used to create the Cosmic Strand off-hand for wizards. Adds to regular damage and is particularly suited to some builds as it also gives you the wormhole rune effect when you teleport.

Recommended Bounties: A5 : Kill Sartor (Battlefields of Eternity)

Griswold’s Scribblings
Like the adventurer’s journal it’s a lootable drop and can be found in any act, at any level – provided you look in the right places, which are basically any bookshelves (including repositories like the Angiris archives) and various dropped satchels.

I’m included towards the Cathedral in act I and Zoltun Kulle’s dungeons in act II in general, but for pure farming, if you don’t mind the tedium, select "Trailing the Coven" in act 1, campaign mode, set the difficulty to Torment 6 and explore the area until it drops. You can limit yourself to the cellar, or break the monotony by also looting the corpses and occasional chests around and just outside town. You won’t get the scribblings outside but I’ve had several legendaries an hour doing that. Note that some would consider this an exploit and certainly just after after I posted about with regard to levelling HC character it was fixed*. I dare say they’ll get round to fixing the loop hole in campaign one day!
*(Which, if you’ve followed all this article, only goes to prove what I’ve said all along, they can fix bugs immediately – when it suits them. Even if they didn’t acknowledge my input I was rather smug that they acted on all my advice as I wrote it, thought not as thoroughly as I would have.. If you are interested, the article is here: Risk free leveling in Diablo : FIXED).

The component is used towards Griswold’s Perfection, a decent one-hand sword doing fire damage.

Recommended Bounties: None/all – see notes above.

Hilt of the Silver Wolf
Limited to one of two rare Fallen Hounds in act 3, Arreat Crater (the Bounty for Growlfang) or Gnawbone, a rare spawn in level 1 of the Tower of the Damned. Needless to say spam logging for the bounty is your best option. Used for making Golden Scourge, a good looking one-handed flail with great damage potential for crusaders. Does holy damage and increases damage from holy skills by a further 15-20%. It also has a useful secondary in that Smite jumps to 3 additional enemies.

Recommended Bounties: A3 : Kill Growlfang (Arreat Crater)

Human Cartilage
Dropped from a couple of Grotesques in act I, the easiest of which to find is probably Manglemaw in the campaign quest ‘A shattered Crown’. Others include bounties on Crassus the Tormentor and ‘A Stranger in Need’, both in level 2 of the Halls of Agony. Used to forge the Wall of Man shield which has a chance to protect you when you are hit. Whether there’s a timer on the procs and/or whether it only applies to physical damage I couldn’t say without more research.

Recommended Bounties: A1 campaign mode, quest for ‘A Shattered Crown’


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