Guide to farming RoS legendary mats: N to Sh

Farming legendary crafting materials in Diablo RoS

Part four: Phial of Weakness to Shuddering Demon Bone

Diablo RoS legendary mats - showing  Living Rainbow to Shimmering Quill

Phial of Weakness
Like a few others, you’ll actually have more hassle trying to the the ‘common’ white Diabolic Wand than the supposedly ‘legendary’ phial needed to make the Atrophy wand, which does fire damage. Drops from a couple of rare Herald of Pestilence in act III in Battlefield and in Arreat Crate (Kill Valifahr the Noxious).

Recommended Bounties: A3 Kill Deadgrasp, Triage (quest and bounty) (in the Battlefields)

Quaking Vial
Another two-handed fire mace, this one, Sunder, giving a 25-50% to sunder the ground around your enemies when to attack. Drops from Mallet Lords in act IV.

Recommended Bounties: Kill Sledge, Kill Hammersmash (in Hellrifts)

Reaper’s Fear
Easy, or perhaps not as it only drops from Malthael. Creates a wrist called Reaper’s Wrap with a secondary that restores 25-30% of your primary resource (i.e. mana) when you pick up a health globe.

Recommended Bounties: A5: Kill Malthael

Rydraelm Tome
Dropped by a couple of Fallen Shaman, mostly around Dalguhr Oasis, including Ashangu whose usually found towards the Ancient Waterway. (You know the one I mean, the git on a plateau that sends a troop of exploding Deranged Fallen to ruin your day.). Used to forge the Mantle of Rydraelm, a chest armour.

Recommended Bounties: Kill Bashlok (or spam the campaign quest in the Oasis for Ashangu).

Shard of Entsteig Plate
Have to like this. Fairly easy to farm as it drops from a number of Enraged Phantoms in acts I and II and is a major component in Aughild’s Authority armour set – probably the best craftable set in the game, I feel. Especially if you’ve farmed the ‘Ring of Royal Grandeur’ which reduces the numbers of items for a set bonus. Wearing this ring and two pieces from this set reduces melee and ranged damaged by 7%, reduces damage from elites and bosses by 15% and increases your damage to said elites by 15%. As I say, highly desirable.

As for where to get the shards, areas include Festering Woods, Caldeum Sewers, Defiled Crypts, Tomb of Khan Dakab etc.

Recommended Bounties: A1: Kill Feklar’s Ghost, Kill Hawthorne Gable (both in the Festering Woods) and Matriarch’s Bones (Cemetery) A2: Kill the Tomekeeper (Realm of Shadows).

Shattered Core
Found on a few Sand Dwellers around act II, including the Ancient Guardian often encountered in the Forgotten Ruins. I read there’s one on a bounty for Rockgut in the Unknown Depths but for my vote Thrum is easier and appears in bounties more often. (You also sometimes see a cursed chest here, with locked up inside).

As for why you want this – it’s like the ridiculously hard to make Utar’s Roar (Needing frozen blood from Chiltara) but instead of cold it offers fire damage, which I know some builds favour – like pyro-happy wizards. Devastator, the one-hand mace it helps craft, does fire damage natively and throws in 15-20% extra damage from your fire skills.

Recommended Bounties: Kill Thrum (in the Realm of Shadow)

Shimmering Quill
Yet another recipe that that incites me to hop on a plane back to Canada and beat a little common sense into Blizzards development staff. Why, I feel like screaming, is it far easier to pluck the ‘legendary’ quill from the still warm corpse of the incredibly easy to kill Quill Fiend, Sarkoth, or its nearby mate Gorathra than it is to find the blasted ‘common’ white Doubleshot bow component that is also required before you can craft the Unbound Bolt. Also, I would like to point out pedantically to any passing Blizzard staff, calling a two-handed longbow an unbound ‘bolt’ is inane: a bolt (quarrel) is a a crossbow projectile, whereas bows loose arrows.
The point here is getting the quill is tediously easy – you need to be getting in channels for Doubleshot bows until they fix this shoddily implemented crafting system. And you’ll need a lot unless you are lucky because without a socket the weapon is awful.

Recommended Bounties: A1: Dank Cellar, Sarkoth (or Musty Cellar for Gorathra), Tristam Road.

(In campaign or adventure, go to ‘The Old Ruins’ and leg it round to see if the Dank Cellar has spawned. If not, re-log and try again. You can, if you want, carry on round the road to see if the Musty Cellar has spawned as well as both can, though usually don’t. Unless you are in Hard Core you might take note of how easy it is to kill and, if you as comfy running past the trash mobs between set it a few levels higher than usual to improve the drop rate.)

Shuddering Demon Bone
Hadn’t noticed this one before, understandable as I don’t get the recipe yet, but having seen it I am interested, especially if it the Archfiend Arrows quiver gets a perfect roll. Maxed out it offer 20% to attack speed, 10% to critical hit chance and 8% increased damage against elites, with four propeties on top of that wet demon hunters appetites a tad more. Sadly it can only be carved from one or two Morlu demon lords rampaging around the heavens. On the plus side they are easy enough to kill and have a bounty on their head.

Recommended Bounties: A4: Kill Kao’Ahn, Kill Oah’Tash (Gardens of Hope, tier 2).


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