Guide to farming RoS legendary mats: A to D

Farming legendary crafting materials in Diablo RoS

Part one: Adventurer’s Journal through to Demon skin

Diablo RoS legendary crafting mats - adventurers journal to demon skin

Adventurer’s Journal
Drops from lootable and breakable objects (at any level) and used for Penders Purchase gloves. Given how frequently this drops it’s a tad irksome how long it took the recipe itself to drop. There’s a low level version of it too, around level 40.

Angelic Shard
Drops from corrupted angels in acts IV and V (Bounty: Kill Izual is great) and used for crafting weapons from the Hallowed Protectors weapon set, so worth farming. Does Holy damage. Set bonus gives +100 resistance and adds 10% to attack speed. (Izual also has the recipe for the Staff of Herding if you don’t already have it).

Recommended Bounties: A4: Kill Izual, or Kill Pyres the Damned (the Silver Spire)

Behistun Rune
Drops from rare Dark Summoners and used for the Mark of the Magi staff. Can be found in Leoric’s Manor (couple of bounties) but is probably best farming Act II: Road to Alcarnus as there’s a couple of bounties there too and you can swing round to Maghda for her drop and others you may encounter on the road to her. Does Arcane damage.

Recommended Bounties: A2: Kill Yeth, Kill Shondar the Invoker (Road to Alcarnus)

Black Mushroom
Not actually dropped by anything, this can occasionally be found growing in the middle of a room in the Cathedral (level 1, act 1) and is one of the ingredients for the Staff of Herding.

Bloody Pincer
Drops from rare Stygian Crawlers and used for the Demon Claw fist weapon. There’s a couple on bounties for these in act III going down to Azmodan or you can look out for a few other rares when doing quests and bounties in the Ruins of Corvus, act V. Does fire damage.

Recommended Bounties: A3: Kill Severclaw, Crabbs, Scorpitox (Tower of Damned / Core of Arreat)

Born’s Key
Drops from various rares and bounties in the Cemetery of the Forgotten and Defiled Crypt in Act 1. Used for the Born’s Command armour set. Not great but better than nothing if you have the recipe and the 3 set does increases Bonus Experience by 20%, making it useful for increasing paragon levels. Plus one of the items in the set is a one-hand sword doing holy damage, so that’s ok. As I side note I also found one on a purple thief called Lucious the Depraved in the cemetery itself. He got in the way of the Pool of Reflection I was farming…

Recommended Bounties: A1: Kill Digg O’Dell, Kill the Dataminer (Defiled Crypt)

Captured Nightmare
This only seems to drop from rare Enslaved Nightmares in act IV, specifically Grimnight and Haures, so if want are farming this for Night’s Reaping you are probably best doing it solo (unless you have patient friends) and logging in and out until you get the right bounty quest. Rinse and repeat until it actually drops. Of the 45 legendary materials this was one of the hardest to get simply I never actually seen Haures spawn and at the time didn’t know about Grimnight, once I did got the part reasonably fast, though it still took at least a dozen reloads to see the quest I needed.
Does cold damages and increases life.

Recommended Bounties: A4: Kill Grimnight the Soulless, Kill Haures (Silver Spire level 2)

(The next paragraph is obsolete now as Blizzard saw sense and now use salvaged mats as a white component.
Hard as this is to find as a drop, you’ll probably have a harder time finding the one-hand barbarian white Limb Cleaver weapon that’s also needed, though this at least is not account bound so you can get all your friends to help. Best place for that is the Halls of Agony.)

Captured Soul
Another hard to farm item, limited to a couple of soul rippers lurking in the Keep Depths, act III. Used to craft the monk staff Lai Yui’s Persuader. Does cold damage.

Recommended Bounties: A3: Kill Lashtongue, Kill Aloysius the Ghastly (Keep Depths 1, 2 respectively)

Cartographer’s Toolkit
Found on various rare ghouls in acts I and III from bounties like Kill Grimsmack and Eternal War. Used for Board Walkers feet, giving movement speed and 5 random – so nothing fantastic. Set items aside, the best boots are the Ice Climbers which give immunities to freezes (but have an extremely low drop rate) and the Illusory Boots from act II (and less so IV) Horadric Caches that allow you to move unhindered through enemies. Great for farming, or running for your life! The Boots of Disregard (Act III Horadric Caches) are nice too as they give up to 4k health per second if you stand still.

Recommended Bounties: A1 : Eternal War and Kill Grimsnack (Festering Woods) or A3: Kill Gholash (Tower of Damned)

Cultist Blood
Drops from rare cultists in acts I and II and used for the Blood-Magic Edge dagger. Some sites recommend Halls of Agony, Act I as it can drop from the regularly encountered Grand Inquisitor but I’m more inclined to favour the act II, Alcarnus bounties like Murdos and Jhorum as they are straighter runs and only a drop run to finish of by killing Maghda. Adds regular damage and attack speed. Also has an effect that causes blood to ooze from you, if you like that sort of thing!

Recommended Bounties: A2: Kill Murdos, Kill Jhorum the Cleric (Alcarnus)

Defiled Doll
Drops from rare succubus in acts III, IV and V and used for Spite, an off-hand mojo for witch doctors. Which is best depend on your preference and other needs. Demonika in the Tower of the Damned is good if you are also farming down to Azmodan, Kysindra in the Silver Spire is great if you are also farming the key warden and/or corrupted angels and Lady Victoria in Westmarsh Commons is easy enough. Adds to regular damage, improves critical hits and raises your maximum mana.

Recommended Bounties: A3: Kill Demonika the Wicked (Tower of Damned) (or A4: Kysindra the Wretched if you farm the Silver Spire)

Demon Skin
Drops from rare Phase Beasts and Sky Terrors in acts III and IV and is used for the Demon’s Hide armour set – which is brilliant if you plan on AoE’ing groups of demons. Given the options I’d favour the bounty to kill Khatun in the Gardens of Hope or perhaps spam the quest ‘The Light of Hope’ and look for Razorclaw on tier 2. Set bonuses include doing fire damage to attackers, doing 25% AoE on hit, an extra 15% damage to demons and a change to reflect arrows and such. I’d be interested to see what class people think this in best for. I’m inclined towards barbarians and demon hunters myself, unless of course you are farming demons…

Recommended Bounties: A3: Kill Haxxor, Kill Brimstone (as the Tower is usually a fast run – or the options above).


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