Farming white weapons in Diablo RoS

Note: This crafting requirement was removed from the game in patch 2.05
I’ve left the article in as it still makes a point, even if the information itself is obsolete, this being that it was a badly planned and implemented feature that, as it was, should never have made it though beta testing.

The question I see most often in channels and forums is "Where do I find white weapons and armour for legendary crafting?"

Selection of Diablo ROS white weapons and armour The typical reply is the ‘Battlefields of Eternity’ and while that’s correct, it’s also not exactly right. Certainly all the ‘Ascended’ armour drops there and many weapons, so it is a good place to start, but not necessarily the best if you need weapons instead of armour. For whatever reason – and I don’t think it’s simply RND based – some items just seem to drop a lot less often than others. These include the Ascended Shield (2), Doubleshot (2), Diabolic Wand (1), Tecpatl (1), Suwaiya (1) and Limb Cleaver (0) – the number in brackets relates to how many times I have seen them drop. Others items, like the Persuader and Dire Axe drop like confetti – unless of course you are the one player who only ever sees Limb Cleaver and are desperate for a Dire Axe. RND is funny like that!

I also see people – usually with a wink and a nod and a certain amount of Don’t you know anything, noob smugness – hinting that obviously it’s this merchant or that (though they can’t actually name said merchant). Favourites include a rarely seen merchant in the Fields of Misery. There are two actually, the wandering merchant in the tinker’s house and the one they actually mean, which is the less commonly encountered Adenah the Curio Vendor. Or it’s the ‘one near the jeweller in act 1’ – Right, that would be Radek the Fence. The more honest will admit ‘you might have to reload a few times’. And to be fair it does work Unsure about this idea – eventually Please explain

It all come down to our friend RND – and if you think it’s unfriendly normally, try getting white items from vendors! I tried new characters (they don’t sell weapons that low). I tried mid range characters, which it silly because if you can only get a level 70 component from a level 20-something alt something is terribly wrong. As it happens he had no luck either. So I tried vendor hopping in campaign, then repeated it in adventures. Then I repeated it all trying at ‘normal’ difficulty. Eventually, after scores of reloads I got a white weapon from a vendor – who was indeed Radek in act one, campaign mode. The point is it took me a long and boring time to find so much as a single white item from a trader and even then it was something I’d seen drop a few times elsewhere. So yes, they can be bought, but you are more likely to find what you questing with friends than from any merchant.

Diablo RoS white bow from merchant

For the record, for me in normal adventures, Diabolic Wand dropped in Act 1 (Cursed Hold), Suwaiya dropped in Act 3 (Gardens of Hope) and the Ascended Shield in Act 3 (Breached Keep).

My initial advice is just play the game, open everything you can and keep a selection of white weapons on storage character. This is especially true if, for example, you primarily play a demon hunter and have yet to get the recipe for the Unbound Bolt, you might want to keep a few because it’s often easier to farm the rest of the materials than the actual white bow component and if you get a particularly bad roll on creation it’s generally best to forge another rather than hope to improve it via an enchant reroll.

Bosses can drop white weapons and armour too, but if you know you need or will need a particular item ask clan members to help, or ask people in the group to look out for it for you. In all likelihood one or more other players will also want something making it four times faster all around. The other upshot of this is our friend RND – the more objects you smash or open the greater the likelihood of a legendary item or recipe dropping for you. In my experience you have a far greater change of finding something decent if you take the time to explore all the jars, weapon crates, corpses and so forth you pass than you are of getting one from a rare mob. For start crates don’t fight back!

There is another advantage to picking up everything you can – even if you discard it a moment later. As long as you have the mystic unlocked every item you find of white or better quality is added to the available options for transmogrification. The more you gather, the more you can customise the look of your character.

Diablo ROS transmogs. The more you find, the greater the choice you have.

As for where to farm, the best places in my experience are Stonefort, Alcarnus (up to Maghda), Gardens of Hope and the Cursed Hold. Battlefields of Eternity works too, of course. This assumes you specifically want one item, otherwise, as I say, just farm as you go. Just take the time to search every ancient armament pile, smash open all the weapon crates you pass, so forth.

Oh yes, a final word of caution: if you are fortunately enough to have a puzzle ring, don’t wear it when you are farming a specific white item!

White weapon farming zones

This is a new section to the post and I’ll update as I go. While in theory all weapons can drop in all areas, the reality is they frequently appears in some zones more than others and if you are looking in the wrong place it can be a tad frustrating – as you are no double aware if you’ve ended up on the page!

Comments greatly appreciated!

Act I : Northern Highlands : Weapon Racks
Perfect area to search as it’s tiny, there’s nearly always one or two treasure goblins, often a cursed chest and if you are really incredibly lucky you’ll run into Dane Bright who sells legendary recipes. If you are fortunate enough to meet him, buy whatever he has and wait 15 minutes for him to restock. The longer you idle with him, the more recipes you’ll get. Most people recommend soling bounties and returning to him after each one.

Whites found here include:

Skull Splitter
Flesh Render
Limb Cleaver
Diabolic Wand
Whirlwind Staff
Steppes Smasher

Act I : Halls of Agony level 1: Tortune Tools

I suppect all the weapons and even the shield can be found here. I’ll test it thoroughly over time

Skull Splitter
Tsunami blade
Whirlwind Staff
Diablic Wand
Limb Cleaver
Doubleshot Bow

Act II : Alcarnus : Weapon Crates

Dire Axe
Tsunami Blade
Flesh Render

Act III : Stonefort : Weapon Racks

Flesh Render
Tsunami Blade
Dire Axe

Act IV : Gardens of Hope : Weapon Racks


Act V : Westmark Commons : Weapon Racks


Act V : Battlefields of Eternity (For armour) : Decaying armour

All armour (not shields, those count as off-hand weapons)

The full list of white weapons for crafting are:

Diabolic Wand (wand) for Atrophy

Dire Axe (1h axe) for Utar’s Roar

Doubleshot (bow) for Unbound Bolt and Sydryu Crust

Flesh Render (2h axe) for Cinder Switch

Grandfather Flail (1h flail) for Golden Scourge

Kerykeion (2h staff) for Mark of the Magi

Limb Cleaver (1h mighty) for Night’s Reaping

Oxybeles (xbow) for Arcane Barb

Penetrator (1h xbow) for Blitz Bolter

Persuader (2h mace) for Sunder

Punyal (1h dagger) for Blood-magic Edge

Skullsplitter (1h mace) for Devastator

Steppes Smasher (2h mighty) for War of the Dead

Suwaiya (1h fist) for Demon Claw

Tecpatl (ceremonial knife) for Living Umbral Death

Tsunami Blade (1h sword) for Griswold’s Perfection

Whirlwind Staff (daibo) for Lai Yui’s Persuader and Rozpedin’s Force

Other named white weapons that drop but, as far as I know, aren’t used in recipes include:

Angelic Grand Flail (2-h flail)

I’ve submitted the following ideas to Blizzard, posting them on the forums (here : Crafting white armour and weapons) in the hope they do take action.

Suggestions to improve (fix) the situation with white weapons and armour for legendary crafting.

At present we have the utterly ridiculous situation were it’s far easier and faster to farm all the rare and legendary components for some items than it is to find the white base item – which is ludicrous!

Were I involved these are the options I’d work on:

1. Makes mobs (and corpses) at ‘normal’ level drop more white items
(Offset, people with the puzzle ring might find a way to exploit this).

2. Give the Mystic the ability to strip magic from an item, for a cost. Can’t find the bow or shield you need anywhere? Look for or buy an alternative – for instance a Restless Doubleshot of Blight – and disenchant it. Voila, the white Doubleshot bow you need. Maybe it could even return essence too.

3. Lastly, which I favour the most, have Haedrig’s new assistant craft them. Makes perfect sense that the apprentice would start with plain items and would fit perfectly with the game, opening up a short quest chain. Would also save wasting bag space. The scenario I see is you talk Haedrig into giving young Brycen more work and responsibility. But he has to learn. So, at first he can’t craft anything, but if you find him an example of an Ascended Shield he has something to study and reproduce*. Then, next time you need a white shield for a ‘Wall of Man’, you can craft it in the same way as all other items, using common materials.

4. (addenda) Alternatively, add commonly found recipes for then.

Should have been put in place like that from the start in my opinion, but there you go. Really, when it can take hours, even several days of trying to find a ‘common’ item but you can repeatedly get a ‘unique item of legend’ in a few minutes then something is very wrong with the game and needs sorting as a matter of urgency. Anything less is frankly insulting and disrespectful to the players. One begins to question if they do this on purpose to drive players away…

As a final observation, it is curious to note that class specific off-hand legendaries from RoS don’t have a white component. So Spite for witch doctors, Cosmic Strand for wizards, Archfiend Arrows for Demon Hunters and the Piro Marella shield for crusaders don’t have you beggaring around for extra – yet the Wall of Man shield does – and the Ascended Shield is for most people needing it annoyingly and unnecessarily hard to find.

*(The underlying code should already be there for this as the Mystic can only transmog items you’ve discovered).

5. (addenda after patch 2.05) : The white armour/weapon requirement was removed completely.

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