DPD driver has a senior moment

Rather irked at the moment after one of DPD’s drivers had a major lapse of concentration.

Louise’s monitor died so I ordered a new one. That was annoying in itself as it was a big and rather expensive Dell which, it turned out, has a flaw in that after 4 years – just outside of warranty – a critical diode fails turning it into so much scrap and Dell have no option to repair it. If you don’t mind a lot of fiddling with soldering irons and such it’s fixable, but I took one look at the solution and though, nope! How to repair a Dead Dell 3008WFP Monitor

Getting back to the point, DPD’s tracking system emailed me to say that as I was out (I wasn’t) they had left the delivery with a neighbour. One whose name didn’t match our next door neighbour, who I know is in work anyway. They even added a photo of his front door. Very thorough. I’d be impressed – if we happened to live in a block of council flats – but we don’t.

Needless to say I phoned the company to asked what was going on and was assured it would be sorted out as soon as possible, not to worry, these things happen, but it is rare. That’s good to know.

So the driver returns – sans parcel – and says he’s left it in a block of flats and they now won’t answer the door. Would I like to sort it out? Well, funnily enough, no! Seems he’d delivered stuff to the estate before and handed over our large parcel on auto pilot. So basically it’s now in a block of flats, with the instructions to give it to someone else in the block of flats – and the driver was kind of hoping I’ll sort it out – and DPD are ok with that, if I am. Err, NO, I’m pigging not ok with that. Stereotyping I know, but I’m also not happy that a bunch of people in a tired looking block of flats now know that we have expensive computers. So I’m doubly ticked by now.

Adding insult to injury the driver lives locally, had delivered here before AND is friends with our real next door neighbour!

As far as I’m considered it’s NOT been delivered and NOT been left with a neighbour so they can sort it. If they can’t then their self-employed driver is going to be out of pocket, one must assume, and the delivery company will have some proverbial egg on their face as they explain to my supplier that despite having the correct address and postcode and having delivered here a few times previously they kind of left of with a bloke on the stairs in a block of flats!

As it stands the drivers is going to try again later tonight and tomorrow, so we’ll see how it goes. Suffice as to say I’m tolerant at the moment, but not at all happy about the mess.

It was sorted an finally delivered a few hours later.

Just a shame the actual monitor is naff – but that’s my fault entirely for not reading ALL the specifications. I checked size, resolution, connections, price, etc – but failed to think about the aspect ratio, which is a panoramic 21:9 – far different from the 16:10 it was going to replaced and effectively just a wider 23″ LCD. I’d have been a lot better paying extra something like Samsung’s U28D590 28″ which has a 16:9 ratio and throws in 4k resolution for the price.
(PC Mag review of the Dell U2913WM).

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