Guide to farming RoS legendary mats: I to M

Farming legendary crafting materials in Diablo RoS

Part three: Ease of the Iron Wolves Doctrine to the contentious Mystical Source

Diablo RoS legendary mats - showing Iron Wolves Doctrine to Phial of Weakness

Iron Wolves Doctrine
Drops from rare Deceiver Magi in the Caldeum Sewers and Dahlgur Oasis, the easiest of which to reach and farm is Ssthrass up to the northwest, just before the Ancient Waterway. Used to craft armour from the Asheara’s Vestments set. The set is probably best for tanks and puller classes as the bonuses offer resistance, life and occasionally summons your followers to aid you. If you want to make good use of this give all your followers the best gear you can, it does make a difference.

Recommended Bounties: A1 campaign mode, Blood and Sand: Ancient Waterway in Dahlgur Oasis, spam killing Ssthrass.
(Kill him, enter the waterway, portal back to town and relog. Then use the portal to go straight to him. Rinse as repeated. Albeit at Torment IV, solo, I got half a dozen in a few minutes like this.)

Key of Bones
Dropped by Odeg in the fields of Misery, Act I.
One of four keys for creating an infernal machine to open a portal and battle bosses for their bodily parts to eventually make a Hellfire Ring.
(See also : Farming for the Hellfire ring in RoS. Farmable in campaign and adventures.

Key of Evil
Dropped by Nekarat in level 1 of the Silver Spire, Act IV.

Key of Gluttony
Dropped by Sokahr in the Dahlgur Oasis, Act II.

Key of War
Dropped by Xag’rith in Stonefort, Act III.

Leoric’s Shinbone
Not actually dropped by anything, this can occasionally be found inside a fireplace in Leoric’s Manor (act 1). Look for a pile of logs in the hearth, if they are there loot them for it. One of the ingredients for the Staff of Herding.

Liquid Rainbow
Not actually dropped by anything, this can occasionally be found in a mysterious chest in the Mysterious Cave in Dahlgur Oasis and is one of the ingredients for the Staff of Herding. Note that it is not always there but when it is it is to be found level 1, so do explore thoroughly. To make things a lot easier there is also a bounty for these caves.

Recommended Bounties : A2 Mysterious Cave.

Living Flame
Apt name as part of two-hander suitable for pyromaniac barbarians and ‘torch the heathens’ fire and brimstone crusaders. Cinder Switch has inherent fire damage and, similar to the old Hellfire ring, offers a (25-50%) change of casting a fireball when attacking. Dropped by a couple of Morlu Casters in act iv.

Recommended Bounties: A4: Kill Rhau’Kye (Silver Spire, level 2)

Lyekurn’s Diary
Used to forge a pair of shoulders, Corruption. Straightforward to farm as it is dropped by Azmodan in campaign and adventure modes.

Recommended Bounties: Kill Azmodan (Heart of Sin)

Maghda’s Tormented Soul
Another straightforward item to farm as it drops from Maghda. Used to craft armour from Cain’s Desiny. I dare say a lot disregard this set as it’s just 6 random properties but for all that I was happy to wear it’s level 23 version all the way to 70 when levelling my crusader. The 2 set bonus is suited to melee types and too hunters and while the magic find 3 set bonus is of very questionable use* the 50% bonus to experience is always welcome, unless you are farming high level Torment or playing hard core (where dying isn’t an option).

Recommended Bounties: Kill Maghda

Mystical Source

Dropped by the unique purple ponies in Whimsyshire and used to craft the Sage’s Journey set.

Recommended Bounties: None. Find the secret area of Whimsyshire and look for Midnight Sparkle, Team Unicorn, Nightmarity or Creampuff. It also now drops from ‘Super Awesome Sparkle Cake’ (confirmed by self).


The following is now obsolete as they have – after many months – fixed the problems but I will leave it in for historic reasons and because in it’s own way it is still pertinent. According to a blue post it was a difficult bug to pin down. I personally do not believe that. Besides the fact loot tables are easy to code and Blizzards coders are experts at this I offer this observation: with 2.05 came a new bug they was widely and very heavily exploited. Basically if you started a T6 rift with a level 1 character and a level 70 booster you could farm about 100 blood shards every minute or so. Given Kadala now can drop torment only set items is was hammered for all it was worth. Needless to say Blizzard hot fixed this within hours. As I’ve no doubt pointed out elsewhere, a bug that inconveniences players is not remotely a priority. One that players can exploit get fixed straight away.

If you read my comments on the frozen blood you’ll get a feel for where I am coming from when I start on farming these, or not…

First I’ll point out that I only tried a few times, more to get one for a screen shot and hoping for a hard to get hamburger (from a piñata ) for it’s transmog effect, rather than actually needing the component for a set. When you read this bear in mind I farmed half a dozen Iron Wolves Doctrine in as many minutes (as needed for the Asheara’s Vestments set).

Unsure about getting this item Smiley toon hear’s where to get it.

Please explain, Blizzard Smiley toon tries to get it.

RNG can be evil Smiley toon keeps trying anyway, he know’s he’ll get it, eventually.

Well this is vexing Smiley toon’s patience reaches and passes it’s limits after a few days of trying. (Or in my case an hour).

The mob gathers Smiley toon realises a LOT of people are having the same trouble and hits the forums to complain.

Blizzard could not care less Smiley toon realises Blizzard has already taken their money and couldn’t care less* and that, depending which representative reads their angst, replies with:
– Nothing. Silence (which is fact is all I’ve seen on the matter)
Trots out their old favourite, "working as intended"**
Or the staple response that "it’s a bug and will be fixed in a later patch"***

*(At least until they want another £40 for the next, played in 2 hours, expansion).
** I don’t think even they are dumb enough to enrage the mob by saying this.
*** No, it’s NOT a bug, it’s a decision by managers, team leaders and a lead developer to code to be hard to get. VERY hard to hard. Not hard as in, well this battle needs skills, but as in mind numbing, physical and mental health risking, soul destroying levels of repetition that obsessive types fall prey too.

Errors can happen, like giving a 0% chance instead of a 1% chance. That’s a bug. Placing the drop in a zone that is an area that Blizzard have deliberately made harder to access and giving it to a mob with an extremely low spawn rate who in turn has an extremely low drop chance – all to make a single piece of armour from a set that, when crafted has fair chance of being rubbish and destroyed…

I know a few hard core enthusiasts (and trolls) will claim that’s the whole point, but they are utterly wrong. It’s a game and should be fun. This is just really bad game design and Activision and Blizzard should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves, as should the coders who, if they had any backbone, should have pointed out that, "players won’t like this. No boss, they really won’t like it, y’know."

Right, sorry, went off on one, as they say. I have a low tolerance for stupidity and for mental cruelty. So, now you know what you are letting yourself in for, here’s how to get it:

Ignoring the remote chance it is found in the rarely encountered Whimsyshire zones in rifts, you need to enter Whimsyshire itself, which needs a Staff of Herding. (A task in itself made harder again by the difficulties (bug) with Chiltara, unless you have one already).

Then you have to find a rare, Purple Pony and do what you have to do to cute, brightly coloured unicorn that is hell-bent on impaling you upon its horns, then trampling your bloody remains into the grass. Wherein lies the problem because they hardly ever spawn – and the few people mad enough to keep trying report a near zero drop rate for their heroic efforts at finding them. And that’s before the randomness of crafting.

Compare this to the ‘Iron Wolves Doctrine’ (for the Asheara set) for which it is literally – and I do mean literally – possible to farm 60 an hour of… That makes this drop mystical source some 3,000 to 4,000 longer, harder and more frustrating to farm. In what way is that ‘balanced gameplay’ or remotely fair? Needless to say the blues are silent on the matter.

There is a rare purple pony called ‘Super Awesome Sparkle Cake’ that appears quite often but doesn’t drop the item – which is telling itself. If, knowing all this you still want to try…

(NOTE: Fixed in patch 2.05 and now drops from this purple unicorn too.)


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