Guide to farming RoS legendary mats: Si to Z

Farming legendary crafting materials in Diablo RoS

Part five: Skelon’s Dice to Woven Plate

Diablo RoS legendary mats showing Shuddering Demon Bone to worn Plate

Skelon’s Dice
Predominantly found in the Battlefields of Eternity, these demonic dice are dropped by rare Oppressors and Warscarred Ravagers. It has been said even Malthael had a pair, though he never struck me as the gambling type. Used to craft Skelons Deceit leggings.
(Note to Blizzard. A minor typo/omission but still wants correcting when you get a minute, to : Skelon’s Deceit )

Recommended Bounties: A4 : Kill Torchlighter (Garden of Hope)
(There are several in Battlefields of Eternity, mostly appearing from the Timeless Prisons, but if you are actively farming you want something more concrete and for that matter faster to navigate. That said the pants – while probably better than the average rare drops aren’t – anything great so I’d lets it drop naturally while playing.)

Skull of Raylend
Dropped by a few of Colossal Golgor in act III, this is wanted to craft The Helm of Rule, a head piece particularly suited to tanking crusaders as it offer vitality and adds 11% to your block chance.

Recommended Bounties: A3 : Kill Gorog the Bruiser (Core of Arreat) or Kill Garganug (Rakki’s Crossing)

Sydyru Bone
Dropped by rare bats around act I and II and used to craft a decent longbow. Sydryu Crust does poison damage and adds attack speed and extra damage verses elites.

Recommended Bounties: A1 : Kill Glidewing, Kill Firestarter (Cathedral).
(The Carrion Farm bounty is an option too, particularly if you like wandering around the Fields of Misery looking for Odeg the keywarden).

Symbol of the Guardian Brotherhood
Dropped by several Demon Troopers around act III, this will be of particular interest to crusaders – particularly those lugging two-handed weapons with their shield – as the 3 set bonus for Guardian’s Jeopardy gives 15% to your movement base, on top of the vitality and health regeneration. Remember, if you take the time to farm the Ring of Royal Grandeur from act I bounty bags you need only wear two of the set to get the full bonus.
There are a number of bounties if you go that route (Bricktop, Crusher, Thromp the Breaker etc) but the most efficient is to farm Dragus.

Recommended Bounties: A3 campaign quest : Stonefort.
Dragus is the rare on the bridge at the start and easy enough to kill, particularly as Captain Halle and his squad will help. Being Stonefort, you can always carry on, get decent experience for the plots quests, loot all the weapon caches and look out for the key warden, Xag’rith

Torn Soul
Prised by the cold, dead hands of a few rare Khazra Shaman in the Southern Highlands, this vial is used to anoint the witch doctor’s ceremonial knife, creating the Living Umbral Oath, which offers regular damage plus five random properties. Skehlinrath and Chupa are known to have them but only Lorzak has incensed Tyrael enough to warrant a bounty on his head.
(Note that once more you’ll have an easier job getting the Torn Soul than finding the white Tecpatl you’ll also need).

Recommended Bounties: A2 : Kill Lorzak the Powerful (Southern Highlands)

Urn of Quickening
Perhaps the reason for their ferocious speed, this small reliquary has been found across Sanctuary on the stronger of the Lacuni Huntresses. It is also rumoured to be used as snuff by Malthael! Found in the desert wastes and also in the frost caverns in the fields of slaughter, it is an essential ingredient in forging bracers by the name of Kethryes’ Splint. (Rhetoric aside they are nothing special!)
There as a few bounties in act II (Raiha, Saha, Taros) but if you are going to farm these things you are as well heading to the Caverns of Frost and hoping for Chiltara, though there are two others there you may encounter. As a point of note, at torment I, it dropped twice in a row for me from Zelusa the Grasping, once in the ice caverns, the second time in the frost caverns.

Recommended Bounties: A3 : Clear the Caverns of Frost.

White Oak Splinter
This one will be a complete sod to get as it only drops from one rare mob in the Fields of Misery – and he’s hardly ever there. Blizzard really need to get their act together with legendary crafting. The system is sloppy, slap-dash and I genuinely believe that in parts it pushes the envelope from being challenging to being both tardy and malicious. The tardiness, while I cannot condone (it’s bad management and poor development!), is at least understandable, time is money, the malicious streaks however worry me. As this rare Wood Wraith is the only creature in the game whose branches can be used to fashion Rozpedin’s Force he at least wants a bounty on his head. For all that, monk’s daibo is nothing fancy, adding holy damage, but suffering like all two-handed weapons by giving terrible properties compared to using a main weapon and off-hand.
(Remember you’ll want to find a white Whirlwind Staff for this).

Recommended Bounties: A1 : No bounty. Look for The Old Man in the Secluded Grove in the Fields of Misery. (Chest event activates).

Wirt’s Bell
Unusual this one in that it’s not actually dropped by anyone or anything but sold by a merchant, Squirt the Peddlar, in the Hidden camp (act 2) for the princely sum of 100,000g. One of the ingredients for the Staff of Herding.

Wooden Stake
Given it’s taken from Skeletal Archers you’d think there would be plenty of mobs with this drop, but there doesn’t appear to be so at all. The only reliable source is the bounty for Killian Damort in act 1. Used to craft Blitzbolter, a hand crossbow that does holy damage.

Recommended Bounties: A1: Kill Killian Damort (Cathedral)

Woven Plate
Dropped by rare Skeletal Shieldbearers in acts I and III, this is needed to cover the crusader shield known as Piro Marella, who secondary enchant reduces the Wrath cost of Shield Bash by 40–50%. It is interesting to note that this off-hand crusader shield, unlike the Wall of Man, doesn’t have a white Ascended Shield requirement).

Recommended Bounties: A1 : The Last Stand of the Ancients (Festering Woods).
(If you have enough forgotten souls and want to craft a perfect off-hand for your crusader you can also look for Captains Cage (A1: Cathedral), Donn Adam and Dale (both A3: Keep Depths).


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