Stoneshard links and other games of interest

Stoneshard and other recommended games

This was getting unwieldy where it was, so I’ve moved it here to avoid repetition.

Stoneshard links


You might also like these games…

I’ve included links to GOG as well as Steam for two reasons. Firstly, you can get big discounts shopping around. Secondly, GOG is extremely supportive of older games and less hardware heavy games in general.

Graveyard Keeper

This is great fun. Absolutely recommended! Get the DLC too!

:Graveyard Keeper (on GOG)

:Graveyard Keeper (on Steam)

Ackadia: Graveyard Keeper review and guide

Darkest Dungeon

You probably have this already, I suspect, but if not, give it a look.

:Darkest Dungeon (on GOG)
:Darkest Dungeon (on Steam)


Not a huge game, but fun. Underrated and definitely deserves to be better known than it is.

:Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (on GOG)
:Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption (on Steam)


Standard RPG stuff but worth a look at.

:Balrum (on GOG)
:Balrum (on Steam)
Ackadia: A quick guide to Balrum

Grave Keeper

Not in any way to be confused with Graveyard Keeper, which is way better. Still. this one is quirky and not too involved. Clearly ported from console to PC, but still plays OK for all that.

(Grave Keeper is not available on GOG).
Gravekeeper (on Steam)

Swag and Sorcery

OK, this one is different. A little weird even, in places, but you may like it!

:Swag and Sorcery (on GOG)
:Swag and Sorcery (on Steam)

Thea The Awakening

Thea The Awakening and its sequel, the Shattering
Slightly different genre again, but it has legs. There’s a space-age follow up as well, but I prefer the earlier iterations.

:Thea The Awakening (on GOG)
:Thea The Shattering (on GOG)
:Thea The Awakening / Shattering, (on Steam)

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