Stoneshard roadmap

Stoneshard roadmap



I’m writing this because the official roadmap on Steam is confusing at best, while the official site ( lacks even this offering.

The problem, as I see it, is the 2021 roadmap makes no sense to me, even though I now understand it. It says it’s a 2021 roadmap and proceeds to list half a page of things they have already added to the game. The green ticks infer milestones passed – but are implied to be ‘on the roadmap’. I find that terribly confusing to process. Essentially, it’s a timeline rather than a roadmap. Cut it in half, make it “Completed in 2020” and “Roadmap for 2021”. (Updating as appropriate).

Official Roadmap

Official Stoneshard roadmap 2021

{ Stoneshard early access roadmap as per their steam page, June, 2021 }

Maybe it’s just me?

But, maybe it’s not? Most of the dates are too precise and, in fact, relate to things already in the game. Most of the image is not a roadmap of milestones to be reached, but ones passed. If it was clearly separated and clearly defined, fine. But it’s not. Chop it in half, add a new section for ‘goals reached, milestone releases’ and then put the remainder in ‘roadmap’ for future targets and it all makes more sense.

Why they can’t do that on their website is beyond me!

At least they got the Stoneshard Facebook page right! Pedantic, I know, but social media and SEO is one of my things, so when companies mess up on the basics, it annoys me. To be fair, as I mention on Go BIG or go home, it’s something even big companies like Heinz fail at.

What I want from a roadmap is a quick glimpse of “what’s to come, when”, linked to a data pack detailing “who, what, when, why, how?”

It’s not that they can’t. Indeed, it’s not that they haven’t as the information is out there seeing as I got most of this from their Facebook page. The problem is it’s not organised. Some people, arguably wisely, want nothing to do with Facebook and social media. Regardless, most people in this day and age just don’t want to put the effort in. Web designers understand this, or should; if a page doesn’t load in 2 or 3 seconds, people will move on. Dude, ain’t nobody got time for that 💩. It’s ironic in a way, people will put hundreds, thousands of hours into playing a game, but waiting a few seconds for a page to load, taking a few minutes to refine search parameters, nah.

Official Stoneshard pages on Social Media

This is a snapshot rather than an exhaustive analysis.

Their Twitter page ( appears it be updated more often that their Facebook page. So, looking today, Twitter details an abandoned quarry (reminiscent of the excellent Graveyard Keeper ) and a bridge in disrepair, which hasn’t been added to their Facebook page yet.

The address @Stoneshard would have been better, but some rock band from Holland grabbed it some years earlier. Funnily enough, the band are called Stoneshard and their Twitter page (with all of 18 followers) links to the game’s Stoneshard site. Hard to say whether the link is a homage, or if the band let their website lapse and the developers (Ink Stains Games) bought it.

There again, their YouTube channel goes to the not so memorable address of /UC2eaJ5h3hcICZcY-XvDKwbw instead of /stoneshard or even /inkstaingames, both of which are available. Is it any wonder their YouTube page only has a few hundred followers for a game with 17,000 likes?

I did message them over this, pointing out the importance of SEO. Here’s an example. I searched for ‘Stoneshard’ on YouTube. I didn’t find their site this way, gave up scrolling through all the streamers talking about the game. Early on in the search – to my surprise – I even found my video of the Ancient Troll fight – which I only uploaded two days ago! But not the official site. Telling.

Apart from a broken link to Twitter (which I flagged for them), their Facebook Stoneshard page is actually excellent and I recommend you follow it if you are interested in the game.

You can also find Stoneshard on /reddit. They have some 6,400 followers on there at the time of writing

There is an active discord channel, available via or more direct at

More for backers, you can also find updates posted there. There are 91 Stoneshard update posts on Kickstarter at the time of writing.

If you can speak Russian, their Stoneshard page is also kept up to date.

Other platforms:
You can find more about the company under Ink Stain Games. Their first game was 12 is better than 6. Not my sort of game, but the music is catchy. My son has that one.

See also: Official Stoneshard Wiki

Revised Stoneshard roadmap

This is how I’d do it, but – at least on a web page version – expanding it to include images etc of the new features, such as monsters, dungeon scenes, skill trees. Really sell it.

Of course, the perfect ideal is to include all the animated gifs but at up to 19Mb each, they start to add up, even on a fast connection. Plus, big files on a fast, wired internet are fine, a 100Mb web page on a limited smartphone plan is rather less welcoming. Thus, as here, you add an image and link to the relevant post. Sometimes things can are easier to eat if you take smaller bytes 😀

I’d also split it into two linked pages, current (‘this is what we’ve done and are doing’) and roadmap (‘this is what we plan to do’).

I’d be inclined to list it back to the start. In this case that might be the Stoneshard Kickstarter page, or a picture on Facebook from 2017. (Where’s our torch!?)

What’s the point, you may wonder, it’s old news, right? Well, it might interest you to know that 3,641 backers pledged $101,186 to help bring this project to life.

Stoneshard Landmarks: 2020


TROLLSLAYER UPDATE: added April 14th, 2020

New Boss: Ancient Troll
New Dungeon Type: Catacombs
New Skill Trees: Combat Master and Athletics
Miniquests and expanded dialogues

BOLT THROWER UPDATE: added June 2nd, 2020

New weapon types: crossbows and polearms

Stoneshard crossbows

{ Related: Devlog: Crossbows & Quivers) }

New skill trees: polearms and dual-wielding
New playable character: Velmir the Skadian Revenger

Stoneshard spears
Velmir the Revenger

{ Related: Devlog: Spears, Dual Wielding & A New Playable Character }

(Related: «Bolt Thrower» – Changelog)

(Related: Devlog June 2020: Progress Update, complex ecosystem, pathfinding, dungeon generation rework)

Stoneshard dungeon generation rework

{ Stoneshard dungeon generation rework, completed }

Equipment I CONTENT PATCH: added July 25th, 2020

New armour and weapons
(Related: – Equipment Update)

WAY FORWARD UPDATE: added September 24th, 2020

Reworked AI
Expanded dungeon generation
Expanded catacombs and Decorations
Reputation system
New enemies and enemy skills

Stoneshard enemies can swap places to better kill you

{ The Way Forward update. Enemies can swap places to better kill you }

The way forward - secret rooms in Stoneshard

{ Devlog (Sept. 2020): Finding secret rooms in Stoneshard. This is the way… forward. }

Varieties of skeletons in Stoneshard

{ Devlog (Sept. 2020): Early varieties of Undead in Stoneshard }

(Related: Way forward: Devlog: New Dungeon Generation & Enemies)

(Related: Devlog September 2020: Reworked Bastion & Rangers AI Tweaks)

(Related: “Way Forward” is Live!

“Enemies learned to trade places when fighting in corridors and tight spaces. Enemies who prefer to fight in melee will try to swap out archers, retreating enemies will attempt to swap with those who can still fight, and those who have high Health – with those who are about to die.”

(Related: Changelog (October 2020) – Reputation Tab and balance changes)
(Related: Devlog (October 2020): Current Plans)

(Related: Devlog (November 2020): Throwing System)

e.g. “By throwing a harmful potion at your enemy, you can apply its effect for a quarter of its base duration.”

Lobbing stuff at enemies in Stoneshard

{ Throwing stuff at enemies in Stoneshard }

(Related: Devlog (November 2020): Skinning & New Traps)


“The way an animal is killed is an important factor. You’ll get the best outcome with piercing weaponry, which won’t damage pelts too much. If you score a kill by primarily using Piercing Damage, the chance to get a pelt will be the highest.”

Early skinning system in Stoneshard

{ Early skinning system in Stoneshard. Advanced skill tree options to follow }

And finally – smoke bombs, which function similarly to poison traps, capable of ruining the day for enemy archers: the smoke obscures vision, triggers coughing, and deals a small amount of Poison Damage.”

Using a smokebomb in Stoneshard

{ Using a smokebomb in Stoneshard }

(Related: Devlog (December 2020): Two-Handed Maces)

(Related: Devlog (December 2020): Two-Handed Axes

EQUIPMENT II CONTENT PATCH: added December 25th, 2020

2 new weapon types: polehammers and poleaxes
2 new skill trees: polehammers and poleaxes
Throwing system
Noise and hearing system
New armour and equipment
New enemies and mini-bosses
New traps
New combat consumables
Improves hunting
Berries and new consumables

<Two-handed mace in Stoneshard

{ Equipment II patch: Two-handed mace added to Stoneshard }

Stoneshard two-handed axe skill tree

{ Stoneshard two-handed axe skill tree }

(Related: Devlog (December 2020): Update Wrap-Up, introducing the Hearing system, berries, new NPCs, narcotics, and new enemies.)

(Related: December 2020: patch – Equipment Update II: Changelog)

Stoneshard Landmarks: 2021


Working towards City of Gold milestones

February, 2020: Year One Anniversary & Progress Update and changelog. The city of Brynn is coming along, but it will be a while yet.

By a curious coincidence, the anniversary – February 6th – was also my grandmother’s birthday!

Stoneshard one year anniversary

{ Stoneshard first year anniversary. Pies were to be had! }

Devlog March 2020, City of Gold progress update
Introducing saving on exit, killable NPCs, new locations, rivers, Steam achievements, and The Lute

{ Playing the lute in Stoneshard }

Devlog April 2020: Brynn Lore – Part I; a brief look at the history and politics of Brynn

Devlog May 2020: Crime system

Devlog May 2020: Brynn Lore: Part II – Leaders; details such notable individuals as guild master Denvar Brie and General Arno di Berro

Cautionary comment by developers on their Facebook entry warning that It’s highly likely that most (if not all) major updates will be incompatible with old saves until the game is out of EA.


(You can bookmark this page as well, if you like 🙂 )

LOOKING AHEAD: Cities of Gold


Character creator
Traits system
New settlements and cities
New enemy factions
New schools of magic (e.g. cryomancy)
More encounters and Points of Interest
Stealth Mode and lighting mechanic
Cooking, alchemy, and consumable crafting
Rumour systems
Full gamepad and keyboard support
Full story update

And much more…

New Content
New settlements, including three majestic cities. New enemy factions: the mysterious Deep Dwellers and the ruthless Hive. Even more activities, equipment, enemies and abilities.

Gather your caravan: upgrade it, find new routes and recruit followers – their skills and abilities will surely come in handy. Feeling tired? Return to your camp to hear fresh stories or just rest by the fire.

Devote yourself to one of the aspects of the enigmatic deity. But remember: every blessing has its price. Are you ready to make a pact?

To solve the mystery of the Stoneshards, you’ll have to visit dozens of exciting locations, make decisions with long-lasting consequences and slay a number of ferocious bosses.

Alchemy & Cooking
Discover new recipes and experiment with potions and dishes by combining different ingredients.


CITY OF GOLD UPDATE: expected late summer, 2021

First major city: Brynn
Global map(Brynn mark)
Basic caravan system
Encounters system and new points of interest
Crime systems
New biomes: rivers, lakes and swamps
Save on exit
New enemies
Steam achievements

(Related link: Devlog: Progress Update (March 2021)

Crossing streams in Stoneshard

{ Crossing rivers and streams in Stoneshard }

Stoneshard crime mechanics

{ Stoneshard crime mechanics }

Stoneshard prison system. Jail time

{ Stoneshard prison system: jail time. Gruellling for you? }

Stoneshard early access Steam achievement

{ Stoneshard Early Access Steam and GOG achievements, to come with the City of Gold content update }

RAGS TO RICHES UPDATE: expected Q3 to Q4, 2021

New small village: Arnem
Improved economy: trade goods and demand mechanic
Expanded contract system: new types and contract consequences
Enchantment system rework
Lockpicking system

Landmarks: 2022

THE WIZARD’s FATE: expected Q4, 2021 to Q4, 2022

New magic tree: TBA
New weapon type: wands
New skill trees: wands and magic mastery
Fatigue mechanic
Psyche rework


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