Stoneshard guide: twenty tips for first starters (short version)

The first rule of Fight Club…

This is the Tl;dr version.

(The full version runs over 4,500 words if you are interested. See link at the bottom of the page.)

First rules:

1. Alt loot!
Press ALT to show all the loot, herbs, chests on the ground.

Press ALT to highlight items on the floor
{ Press ALT to highlight items on the floor }

2. Enchant scrolls
Those things are not cheap, and the results random. Before using, save. If you don’t like the result, reload. rinse and repeat.

3. Cursed items
Do not equip unknown enchanted items, they might be cursed. They give buffs, but all are also harmful to some degree and one, in particular, will quickly kill you or get you killed.

4. Mighty tree or saplings?
Probably best to stick to one skill tree, initially. Mixing might work, but spells and attacks get more powerful as passives on the tree stack up.

That said, one point in pyromancy for fire barrage is useful for opening doors at a safe distance.

5. Locked door? Shout it out!
If you click on the Modes and Actions buttons [B], you can access rest, shout, etc.

You can also yell to get mobs to come closer and to open the door and come at you.

Shouting in Stoneshard
{ You can Shout to pull attract attention, pull mobs closer, get them to open doors }
Big pull from shouting
{ Don’t Yell too long, unless you can handle the attention! }

6. Be frugal at first!
Don’t waste gold on gear, except maybe a missing item (e.g. belt or glove). You’ll want gold for skill books and repairs more.

7. Contracts.
Leave the main town contract quests until you have done all the side quests and explored all the Points of Interest areas [?].

Three reasons:
Firstly, you are more likely to die in the dungeons. You can’t see them coming as well, nor evade as easily.

Secondly, some of the areas of possible interest have great loot, especially for the caster.

Finally, contrast quests have a time limit to complete and negatively impact your reputation if you fail to complete them.

Note too that (at present) you can do the contract quests without getting the quest! If you clear an instance and complete an objective, you can hand it in anyway. No penalty risk that way.

8. Save often!

9. No, really, save often!

10. Side quests matter.
As well as gold they give reputation. Reputation means more stock for traders and better deals from them.

11. Like for like
Want ranged gear, the ranged skill books, kill ranged bandits.
Need caster stuff, do the catacombs and cult places.
Looking for melee gear, look for bandits, clear forts and castles.

If you need five iron ingots, where are they most likely to be found, in a crypt, or in a rebels fort?

12. Backpacking
The backpack – while replacing the cape – is useful if you are struggling with inventory space.

13. Free medicare
Fleawort, found by the roadsides, can be a life-saver, despite its mild properties.

14. Be circuitous
Sometimes, the longer route is much faster. Skirting a wooded area full of bears or packs of wolves is wise.

Have a quest for an animal hide? Buying a pelt or looking for it in chests can be less risky.

15. Stats
Give careful thought to your stats.

For instance, perception increases vision, which increases casting/shooting range at certain points. It also increases your chance of finding secret areas if you search for them.

See also: Stoneshard Wiki: Attributes and stats.

16. Desecrating? They don’t need it anyway!
Don’t pass up on desecrating graves, dig them all up!

As far as I can tell, graves don’t respawn once dug up. You have one chance. Unless you save in a nearby camp and spam it. Take a shovel! It’s questionable whether it’s worth the effort, but along with middling Norse weapons, you have a passable chance of finding loot that could make the effort worth it for your character, particularly:

👉 Travelling cape (dodge +6, and more)

👉 Soldier’s bolt quiver (60 bolts, skills energy cost:-7.50%)

👉 Eastern quiver (holds 80 arrows)

See especially: Stoneshard wiki: graves

17. Be creative!
You can, for instance, use the second equipment as emergency inventory space. The fewer trips you have to make to haul loot the better, eh.

18. Steal if you have to! But sell, sell, sell!
There are no checks – at present – so, at the start of the game, when gold is tight, steal the weapons from the barracks.

Sell goods to the right vendor.
Staves, shields, bows and such, the carpenters pays best.
Cloth and pelts, take to the tailor.
Weapons and other armour, to the blacksmith.
Herbs and meds to the herbalist and priest.
Gold rings and statues etc, sell to general merchants.
Food and booze to inn-keepers or food vendors.

19. Bookmark the shrines
You encounter the occasional one on the road, and there’s one in the church in Mannshire. Every buff helps.

Stoneshard blessing
{ Buffs 101: Getting blessed by the host! }

20. Identify and hoard your potions.
Potions are game-changers, especially for real hard fights, like the Ancient Troll. Don’t waste them.


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