Wireless problems with Netgear DG834N and WN311B continued

Netgear DG834N issues

I tried a lot of faffing about I finally detected the culprit – and it wasn’t the WN311b adapter which has given me more than few problems in the past…

J’accuse VOUS Netgear!

The problem was a fault with the DG834N – several faults actually.

Despite being only 18 months old – and conveniently out of warranty – parts of it where corroded. Not a good sign.

Plus, one of the internal transmitters had dropped off, presumably because the glue didn’t hold.

And, most damningly, the third transmitters was AWOL, missing.

The ()’s on the manufacturing line hadn’t even fitted all the transmitters and QC where obviously asleep because they passed it. Unless it was a deliberate cost saving decision. :S

Either way, I’m a bit miffed about this. I will get another of the same model because generally Netgear stuff is excellent – but not before I tear them a strip!

Faulty DG834N, corroded, loose and missing antenna!

Faulty DG834N, corroded, loose and missing antena!

Netgear DG834n-mfr faults

I’ll add more when I see what they have to say about themselves!

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