Wireless problems with Netgear DG834N and WN311B


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  1. Me says:

    It’s garbage. Linksys has really gone downhill. I bought this stupid card at a local Staples store (that was my first mistake), tried it on two different computers (one with xp, one with vista). With both computers, it would disconnect within a matter of a minute. Then wouldn’t detect networks again until I disabled and re-enabled the card from device manager. Don’t waste your money on this trash. Survival of the fittest. If Linksys wants to sell junk, no one is going to buy their products, and they will go out of business.

  2. vince says:

    I am in the same boat. I seriously wish I had the answer. I current own the wn311b for about a week. The first couple of days I was on cloud 9. I’ve never been on a wireless connection so fast. I was streaming HD movies while uploading file to my FTP server, it was great. The on the third or fourth day it has completely changed for the worst. I can barley get in to my email account. I fought that it may have been “interference” going on, but I have an Xbox connected wirelessly in the same room the computer is in and I have no problems. I also use a laptop in the same and it connects fine without an issue. I suggest you follow my lead and take the crap back. Its useless. Sorry.

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