Book review : The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Networking

The Complete Idiot’s Guide To Networking 3rd edition
By Chrispher Negus & Bill Wagner

Que Publishing: ISBN 0-7897-2469-3

Not a bad little book, especially for beginners wanting to set up a small network for their home or office or as a stepping stone / aid to networking courses like HNC, NVQ and even Network+. Coverage includes a look at switches and routers and a breakdown of the OSI layers.

Don’t let the “Idiot’s” part of the title deceive you either. There’s a decent coverage of the advantages and disadvantages of different network topologies and the various Network Operating Systems to choose for them. From there is goes on to administration, backup options and security. Interestingly it finishes off covering wireless technologies and even running household appliances over the internet!

Complete Idiots Guide to Networking

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