Book review: ECDL3 The Complete Course Book

ECDL3 The Complete Course Book by Brendan Munnelly and Paul Holden

Published by [ ] Prentice Hall   (ISBN 0-130-90837-1)

cf InformIT

Everything you need to pass the European Computer Driving licence
I actually read in the local paper about a girl who completed the ECDL course in two months instead of the 1 – 3 years they expect adults to work through it. If this book is anything to go by, I could take it in an afternoon! OK, maybe not one afternoon, but I would say anyone with a few years computer experience would stroll through this course.

If you are relatively new to computers though, I believe this is written well enough to be an invaluable aid to anyone taking the exam. I’m going to take the exam for the heck of it after reading this, every string in the bow helps, as the saying goes.

Another recommended read.

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