New Twitter Worm Strikes

Twitter has worms!

As we are unfortunately aware, some spam on Twitter carries payloads, with links (re)directing you to phishing sites, as this current CRN news warns: [ Scary Scareware: New Twitter Worm Strikes ] (Dead link now).

Hardly the first and certainly won’t be the last and Twitters solution is to warn people in a blog:

No matter how good that ‘best video’ looks, don’t go to any domains. We’re aware of the situation and are working on it

Actually – YOU MORONS, TWITTER – what is wrong with announcing the warning on logout and sending out timed warning from @twitter and @spam. The criminals pushed this cr*p on YOUR system have no problem opening hundreds of accounts and having bots send out the dodgy links 24/7

Actually, I – WE – know why know why you keep quiet – embarrassment. Really, firmly starting to believe the management and directors at Twitter are incompetent to the point of criminal negligence.

Anyway, the article goes on to add that the attack indicates a larger trend of cybercriminals actively exploiting Twitter for profit.
(No sh*t Sherlock)

“This attack is very significant. It would seem that at least one criminal group is now exploring the distribution of for-profit on Twitter. If the trends we’ve seen on other social platforms are any indicator for Twitter, then we can only expect an increase in the attacks,” said researchers on the Viruslist .com blog.
(Blog now redirect to a Kaspersky site: securelist).

A worm that resurfaced last week, luring users with the subject line “OMG I just got over 1000 followers today from twittercut .com” The link took users to a fraudulent site requesting Twitter login names and passwords. A tweet was sent to the user’s followers, which subsequently replicated the worm.
Have to add, after a week or two of looking and experimenting I neither need, use nor trust sites that promise followers like this.

The article ominously (for Twitter) goes on to add that Twitter is suffering from numerous retention problems. According to a Harvard Business School study, 10 percent of Twitter users account for more than 90 percent of the posted messages. (Safe bet those 10% are affiliate type spammers!).

Last month, a study revealed that 60 percent of new Twitter tweeters abandon their memberships after only one month. (I wonder why…)


[ Foxnews reports that Flood of Twitter Spam Has Only Just Begun ] (Article another dead link now).

Great, like it’s not overwhelming already. But, as I’ve said several times and continue to reiterate: Twitter themselves are entirely to blame. They are the cause and ignore the solution! As the article points out:

Twitter’s own half-hearted attempt to control the spam has had little effect.

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