Windows 7 testers asked to go back to Vista

Vista? Or eyesore? Windows 7 backtracking

In an article of the same heading by VNUNet, the laughable reason given being that nearly everyone who buys and installs Windows 7 will be doing so from a Vista machine.

Clearly Microsoft are still in denial about just how naff Vista is and how many people hate the thing. I’d say a good number of people testing Windows7 are doing so because they hope it will be what Vista /should/ have been.

Not forgetting the fact some of their senior execs have admitted they got it wrong, or that HP and others will still be allowed to install / downgrade to XP for years after Windows 7 is released says it all.

Safe bet most people who will move to Window 7 will either upgrade from XP or buy a new machine with it install, especially given it practically cheaper to replace the base unit (and OS) from the likes of Dell than pay the monopolistic fees MS will be asking for a copy from end users.

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