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Who owns data on you?

I’ll tell you a little story first. True as it happens. Many years ago – decades actually! – I used to hang around IRC-based chat rooms talking to other techies and MUD gamers. One evening we got a troll, some annoying kid that believed the anonymity of the Internet allowed […]

12 reasons NOT to follow someone on Twitter

T(w)itter ye not (NOTE: This post was moved from, posted on June 1st, 2009. For all it’s dated, it’s still valid!) Hypocritical I know, but seriously, go for quality, not quantity. A thousand genuine followers beats a million automated bot scraped followers hands down! Here’s my take on it: […]

Building up a large, dedicated following fast on Twitter

Building followers [Note: this data applies to my milliontwits .com account, which I’m closing. (Since closed). The entry was originally posted there on July 16th, 2009 at 14:08] 3.20am and I’ve still a few things to do tonight so this will be brief. Here’s the latest progress graphs. It is […]

Playing with a few Twitter apps: Tweet Spinner and TwitChuck

Tweet Spinner and TwitChuck Twitchuck’s Friend Chuck in action: Today I am taking an unusual step – using automated software – namely Tweet Spinner to find followers. If should however be pointed out that each time it adds a few I manually check them! I will only be using the […]

What I hate about Twitters latest Browser changes

Twitter browser changes (2009) After a nights sleep and further examination, this page is being updated – and NOT in Twitters favour! Anyone else noticed that Twitter has revised follower/following for browsers? Still no ‘report spam’ button (POKE). but it’s a start. I particularly like that Twitter offer the expanded […]