Netgear saga continued, using faulty DG834N

Netgear DG834N faults

Once more to the breach, dear friends…

I was just going to toss the old Netgear DG834N in the shed but it was more or less working so I have patched it up and tried that. There is only so much you can do when one connection is corroded and the shoddy, sloppy factory let it go with only two of the three aerials mutter

Anyway, the signals not that great -78 dMb, one or at best two pips on Netgear’s Smart Wizard, but I am at least getting a steady 39Mb/s at the minute. What’s more noticeable, as shown in the image below – I am connecting to 802.11N, not the 802.11g, all I was able to get with the supposedly superior WNDA310

Connection with a faulty Netgear DG834N

Anyway, for what it is worth I have emailed support, see what they say:


Re: DG834N, serial number 1GG366AJ01DB4, registered Thursday, Nov 23rd, 2006

About 18 months ago I upgraded my DG834G to a DG834N. After a few hiccups (which I blame on the WN311B nic) this was fine but recently the signal degraded to the point of being useless.

As it was out of warranty I opened it up anyway and utterly disgusted to find one of the antennae had a corroded connection, another had dropped off inside the unit, while the third (middle) transmitter wasn’t even there – you had passed it at the factory with only 2 of its 3 aerials installed!

[See attached images]

What is your policy in this situation?

Netgear DG834n-mfr faults


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